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  1. Raise makes me glad that I did my summer shift to Biden. While the Republican party offers a lot of common sense in the cultural wars, the fact that they continue to ONLY be concerned with that + making their followers chase wild theories is a bad sign for them come mid-terms. Dems be promoting/allowing a lot of wackiness from the far left, but other than token messages of support, it's not as if the Biden Admin has abandoned Centrism. Points on the Dems side thus far early in this term. Reps need to get back to common sense solutions for regular folks.
  2. Daddy Biden may not be fully in control of his Administration, but they are making him look competent. After 4yrs of daily melodrama, quiet competence is refreshing.
  3. Padres v Yanks in the Series Stanton AL MVP Darvish NL CY Only strong thoughts for me.
  4. I did think that there may be a couple/few people into the evergrowing spirituality movement.
  5. You and Raise were made for each other, though.
  6. Simple-minded predictable, Joey. Never change! But....always wanting to draw 'heat' off other men is not healthy, pal. You're turning into Timely.
  7. I'm glad that Daddy Biden cared more about the American people than the entire Republican party combined.
  8. Daddy Biden would appreciate it if you did not use this phrase anymore. Thanks.
  10. Both are incredibly easy this year. Like amazingly easy.
  11. Need to hit again this year to make this a tradition! Imagine KC 14-6 1Q but then TB outscores 14-7 in 2Q for a 21-20 Half time. Totally plausible!
  12. I hit on the first quarter last year, but made that dumb deal to split with Ted. Won't be making any deals this year tho!!
  13. Mods were smart to put stuff back only in this thread again.
  14. I have! Younger me had such a crush on Jane March afterwards.
  15. Btw, Biden was quite forceful tonight. Such strong, American energy. USA!
  16. Why is it sad? I voted for Trump v Hillary, but in Biden/Trump, I gave each candidate a fair hearing, and exercised my constitutional right to vote for the person I expect to be best for the country during these times. In the past, it was Bush twice, Obama twice and then Trump. This time, I figured Joe Biden was most worthy for our nation. And the rest of the Independents that switched back must have agreed. IF GA gets one Rep Senate seat, then I will get all that I wanted: -ACB on Court -Biden in Office -Republican Senate Divided Govt f
  17. People like me--who do not mind Trump--were the ones who shifted back to Biden. And that's because we wanted to be FOR something and not anti anything.
  18. This be a slowplay. Dems want to embarrass Trump and the GOP is letting them, imo.
  19. Thanks. 6/6 in Pres Elections in my history. I read the tealeaves of my state and those around me really well, and knew how the shift would occur.
  20. Neb district went to Biden; ME went to Trump. 270---268 Biden BUT here is the Trump path: Gov in AZ is saying Trump can get it by Thur/Fri (I heard) OR NV has like 8k difference and 33% remaining + Reps will claim FRAUD in NV since culinary workers were sent ballots yet moved out of state. Reps need to hold PA, GA, NC and get one of AZ/NV to flip back.
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