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  1. As a Suns fan, betting on Milwaukee meant I would win either way. This $$ is going to be spent soon, but a trophy would've been preferable. Still, fun playoff run by the Suns and was awesome to see.
  2. This kind of work is heroic. Making a true difference.
  3. Grats to Mil Mike and Bucks backers.. After Game 3, I grabbed Bucks series hoping I'd lose and the Suns would win the title. However, they let very winnable games in 4 and 5 get away from them and just couldn't muster up late heroics in 6. Giannis is a worthy Champion and new face of the league, though. ANd I am sure his chik fil a meal of 50 minis and half sprite/half lemonade will be super popular in Wisconsin.
  4. Oh yeah? How has AMP been the past week? I'll wait ?
  5. It's always a blessing to know cool n classy people! (Even if you did once wonder if they were a 'Greedy Multimillionaire' ? )
  6. He's a grown ass man and can chase 45-55yr olds around rather than posting if he wants to!
  7. Things are starting to pick up again. Told y'all. Get AMPED for Amp!
  8. Give her 4 or 5 days. Maybe she never comes back online here again?
  9. Was nothing false I posted last week. Y'all just get stuck on what you cheer for---rather than what's actually going on. Reps will make the same mistakes as before, thus ensuring Kamala 2024. THat just be life.
  10. BUT.... BTC, Doge, ETH and AMP will be skyrocketing soon enough. Good luck to all you Diamonds Hands Hodlers!
  11. Over 500k views; way to go! Stopping in to say that the Reps are doing great on culture war stuff, but Dems keep winning by default since they're focusing on what people want/need most (health care, student debt, etc) Once Biden uses that magical pen to wipe away so much debt, it's all over for Reps for a looooooong while Maybe a Compassionate Conservative emerges by 2024, but, not seeing it Kamala Harris will be defeating Ron DeSantis in the 2024 General election.
  12. Fishhead be correct; BTC from them is FAST!
  13. Magic Slot winning > Seeing half naked men dance and jab Especially for how much you're paying to see that. My Goodness!
  14. More "Honorable Goodness" from this place.
  15. Respect Post for great service.
  16. Raise makes me glad that I did my summer shift to Biden. While the Republican party offers a lot of common sense in the cultural wars, the fact that they continue to ONLY be concerned with that + making their followers chase wild theories is a bad sign for them come mid-terms. Dems be promoting/allowing a lot of wackiness from the far left, but other than token messages of support, it's not as if the Biden Admin has abandoned Centrism. Points on the Dems side thus far early in this term. Reps need to get back to common sense solutions for regular folks.
  17. Daddy Biden may not be fully in control of his Administration, but they are making him look competent. After 4yrs of daily melodrama, quiet competence is refreshing.
  18. Padres v Yanks in the Series Stanton AL MVP Darvish NL CY Only strong thoughts for me.
  19. I did think that there may be a couple/few people into the evergrowing spirituality movement.
  20. You and Raise were made for each other, though.
  21. Simple-minded predictable, Joey. Never change! But....always wanting to draw 'heat' off other men is not healthy, pal. You're turning into Timely.
  22. I'm glad that Daddy Biden cared more about the American people than the entire Republican party combined.
  23. Daddy Biden would appreciate it if you did not use this phrase anymore. Thanks.
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