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  1. Nice! Haven’t tried yet. But looking forward to it soon.
  2. Was gifted this today. Good?
  3. Well, Cee was her bestie who we all thought had a thing for her. I don’t think Mo ever went for her. But could be wrong. I stopped talking to Mo after warning a gal I knew to check into his potential history and he flipped out on me.
  4. No. Him n Cee did. I was only a friend/pal n saw her as nothing more.
  5. He’s a decent dude Just needs to get over that massive insecurity over committing to one and get hitched already Steady stream won’t last forever!
  6. 😆😆😆 Kinger can solve all that by following the Hurry path n getting married Guy just likes his hookers too much, tho #Repugnant
  7. Yea debug took me a bit of staring at my phone after budge
  8. Just a tad higher than mine, I must admit.
  9. Should’ve dealt Pascal or OG to the Dubs for Kuminga, Wiseman, Moody. I believe GS made spirited attempts. Masai a great talent evaluator and team builder, but def surprising that they didn’t sell at all. In fact, they added (Poetl) They don’t seem to be bringing back a couple of their FAs, so it’s not as if they can just expect growth to be a playoff team. Very odd deadline for them.
  10. Suns v Bucks Rd2 would be fun.
  11. I love the Pistons grabbing Wiseman. He’s gonna become a force. It can take bigs a lil while. He’s gonna be a Hassan Whiteside. Wanted the Suns to get Mo Bamba, but Baszley should be fun. He’s got room to grow a bit.
  12. You were given terms in order to converse with me. Falsehoods do not meet those, terms. Sorry. But I knew those who will need this thread would reveal themselves. Which is why I started this 😎🙏🏻
  13. Time in a cool fort >>> Time somewhere fancy The best things in life are FREE!!
  14. True. I still think the Lakers have a bit of dynamic depth now to at least give Bron more of a fighting chance. AD def needs to be healthy, though.
  15. I may start hooking y’all up with doses of wisdom from time to time. Especially when it’s applicable 😎
  16. He was reportedly going to hire Isaiah Thomas until backlash.
  17. True. Buy out market should favor Phx 🤞🤞
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