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  1. If you are looking for another interesting NFT project check out Chubbies. 10k series, similar to crypto punks but think cute instead of edgy. Each one is an animated gif with traits and features. Very addictive. Right now the floor price is .2 eth but with how much mainstream appeal this has it could become bigger than punks and we could see a floor of 5, 10, or even 20 eth in the future. The chubbies20 token tracks the floor price based on the liquidity pool of chubbies held at NFT20, so you can buy that and hold if you'd rather. Dyor and buy at your own risk.
  2. Change the slippage to 3%. I think that'll do it. If it fails again try 5% and just keep upping it til it works. Thats usually the trick with these ultra high supply coins.
  3. FEG pumping hard. Just won the satoshistreetbets moonshot poll and FegEx is launching in a couple days... Very bullish, lots of momentum.
  4. There is a group leaking info about a mega licence which Ecomi has yet to announce. This is the same group that leaked the accidental smart contract screwup that locked 96B tokens, so I trust the source. No word on who it might be, but they say it's massive. Leads me to think nintendo, disney or maybe even the holy grail - Pokemon. We should know beginning of april.
  5. Scored 12 commons, one uncommon, and one rare. Decent luck. Soon it will be top shot level difficulty getting any. The Edo will be very, very hard to grab.
  6. Those robins went through the roof. Nice profit.
  7. I'm rethinking this logic now - I may have been wrong on this one. (See previous post).
  8. Undercutting becomes much easier too. Hundreds of each item will be posted for sale, and as a result there will be huge pressure to undercut the lowest price on the market. 1000 becomes 950, becomes 900, becomes 850... Etc. Not a bad idea to sell now if you can. I'm holding for now though.
  9. Beats the shit out of scratching out a living betting on 19 year old dickheads throwing a ball around. Or some cokehead releif pitcher giving up a grand slam to fuck your under. I will never go back to betting on sports.
  10. Gonna be a clean sweep taking all the sub 2k todd's off the marketplace once VeVe opens it back up. I wouldn't sell any FA todd's or FA jokers for at least a couple weeks.
  11. Nice. That should go for at least 2k I imagine? I drew 160,000 didn't stand a chance.
  12. Don't say I never gave you any winners, TGF. If you were smart and jumped in early you could have already retired off this shit.
  13. There's a TG group that is buying up all the Todd McFarlane FA batmans and cornering the market. They are going to attempt to drive the market price up to 10k. As soon as the secondary market in the app reopens all of them listed for under 10k are gonna disappear.
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