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  1. according to you I hear reports every day, even from friends and acquintances
  2. 😭 nobody likes a needy lying crybaby bitch much less a retard one, like u
  3. Country was going to shit with the previous party in power, PAC (2014-2022) I like the new admin that came to power 1 monrh ago... got rid of mask/vax mandates, and then - the president of the party for congress came out saying the vaccine is experimental, warning people about the deadly side effects.
  4. See? Youn are a fuckin retardd
  5. whatsup son how is SBR treating ya? where is FireDawg? SBR Pedo John?
  6. I make $30/hr doing what I love - from home you a loser
  7. nobody stalks u guy u are fat, crazy, gay and ugly
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