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  1. yep, and forget autoerotic asphyxiation - but thats more popular to frame the suicides of musicians and actors
  2. BINGO, wise guy here
  3. ive offered to connect you with experts on the field you know I move in those circles if u listen to my recommendations we will win Kolz, cant u see? u lack motivation Im trying to motivate you
  4. sure, lets wake up late so all tennis and some soccer is OTB
  5. Trump pushed the vaccines as much as anyone He is guilty too, fuck him and fuck Biden, but fuck Biden 100x more
  6. DAY 6 Tally: 1-2 for -$167.73 and $405 added to rollover HUAD OVERALL: 10-5-4 for -$2.56 + $2380 rollover
  7. thats why you dont slow down when winning - cause streaks do end you mushed us bro, not being a bitch here but for real, again, you behaved weirdly for no valid reason and fucked up our amazing start - if u had taken the bets I sent ya, ALL OF THEM, we would still have over $3k and half the rollover done why not focus if u wanna win? I dont wanna hear negative shit now, lets just focus and try to dig out
  8. lol hard to bring heat when u are a retard yourself 😆
  9. I have their test account and can see all lines there
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