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  1. This ends when the gallows make a comeback
  2. Ever notice these fucks HAVE NOTHING TO CONTEST about what I present in my newscast? Its always about retarded ad hominem, projecting and childish unintelligent rethoric
  3. X and his roedents always getting buried!
  4. you are the one who is lost captain hook, take your commie ass out of here before you run out of insuline cokksmoker go suck on Che Guevara's pole
  5. what would this joint do without the dozen retarded threats you open weekly?
  6. WEEKLY REPORT 48: July 3rd, 2022 https://www.bitchute.com/video/vtFgI8q3iEvf/ HEADLINES: 1) Human Trafficking: R. Kelly gets 30 years in prison, Ghislaine Maxwell only 20. 2) Dutch farmers plan July 4th protests against zero carbon emissions plan. 3) Dr. Zelenko passes away after battle with cancer, urges people to fight. 4) Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla heckled in Israel, Nick Nemeroff dies after the jab. SubscribeStar: https://www.subscribestar.com/totaldisclosure Website: https://www.totaldisclosure.net Email: alessandro@totaldisclosure.net
  7. I hate pedos... I dont know about those odds, I'm 100% on Biden being one, 50/50 on Trump. I prefer DeSantis. All I'm saying is a republican president would not require the vax to get in bro 🙂
  8. Im sorry for your nephew. It sucks, but we all make that choice to use. At 23, he was an adult. God bless you Kolzig and hopefully you improve your life and cut the bitterness.
  9. De Santis too... Im not fond of visiting communist regimes Right now thats what the US has in power 😭
  10. as soon as Biden is out and Trump is back Ill come back to the mainland US
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