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  1. Oh my if only I was placed in an invisible cell wearing invisible shackles. Guess I'm not hold hostage here or anywhere. I guess leaving is as easy as loging off. Watch.
  2. retard, animal rapist, bestiality aficionado
  3. you are a libtard... you know what I think of people like you my principles matter to me, and I'm fine with them not being important to people like you you can write these words, and now that I read them, you know what changed? nothing... you little fellas can kick and scream all u want about morals... truth is, this is JUST a gambling forum, the tiniest forum of them all... and guess what? the idiotic decision of bringing KR back to moderate is a clear signal this place will only shrink more until it eventually vanishes... I used to care about people's opinions here... but after seeing the general behavior and how little value most here put on family, I don't care at all Place can burn in hell
  4. Dude, posting here while KR or BBB are moderators goes against all my principles. One of the main reasons I came back is because they were gone... Now, there is zero entertainment or (any other) value left in here... 4-5 good people but that's it You have to understand nobody in the real world thinks like us gamblers, whatever logic you apply to these situations doesn't apply to the general population and until most of you realize that, you won't understand why people act like they do. Some people here know that, others never will, but most normal people think of gamblers as losers by default. That said I wish YOU and my fellow conservatives the best. Every libtard in this place should die a horrible slow death and I hope to root for you in a near future civil war... cause voting clearly wont work. God bless, and take care.
  5. Kinger needs to focus on mowing lawns in Arizona and get paid those $12 an hour so he can pay for a child that is not his.
  6. Apologize to the board? My apologies belong to XYZ ALONE This place is dead to me.
  7. lmao, hypocrite bonus whore says what? you are a guy that "runs" LMAO do you even lift weights?
  8. Nah, my world is 100% elsewhere I already quit this place 3-4 times before, for years in a row Been there, done that Nothing changes in my world But if I get a hold of your address your head will roll
  9. LMAO "One of the guys" What kind of sane person would want to form part of your forum or your clique? Are you totally insane and delusional? I'm just glad the truth is in the open now motherfucker Pray to God I never find your address or real name... Heading over to peeps to see if someone wants to assist in that Cya, loser
  10. Yeeeea, gonna get myself a job as a TGF moderator LMAO fuckin mutt not American, not Mexican a man with no God and no country will always be a sellout
  11. Ah, so you are back as a moderator lol No wonder you are posting again... fuckin hypocrite Yep, this place has ZERO value now
  12. Loves some Israeli occupation and genocide against Palestinians BASED
  13. Not even close hypocrite KUNTT
  14. Well, at this point you are all assuming XYZ and I have an agreement.
  15. If Dopey or me would get a hold of your neck it would snap like a little twig
  16. "pal" hypocrisy in full display here being super kind and friendly with the biggest scammer in the gambling world just cause he is a libtard like you never change WVU
  17. Nah, this cesspool runs on hate and low blows, which explains why is the perfect ecosystem for bastard hypocrite cowards like you, At this point you are only a sad troll. Trolling politics, trolling people's families, and burying the forum with loser bets... You would rather see the world burn as long as gives you "platty" material... You are a testosterone defficient bimbo.
  18. It sucks we have come to this point, agree I've stated my conditions. They won't be met. End of story.
  19. Im not trying to justify anything I set the conditions for a happy ending The ball is in someone else's court. Not mine.
  20. I'm already treated like Landers pal
  21. IAG, I have it, I have the funds, and in January I'm getting a 50% raise Could pay 3 times the amount owed in 1 week then. Yes, things have been tight since I moved here but I can still pay it, will just mean not going out with the wife for a week. On that note, yes u listened to a podcast that was recorded before 2022 is my guess. My forum legacy is being falsely accused of pedophilia, as Hoffa allows, being accused of sleeping with prostitutes while married, messages that my wife got... as Hoffa allows And now the childish photoshops...
  22. Messages have been posted for my wife to see on my work social media, people from here I think the maximum disrespect is already done, and was done before this even happened... What else can be done to me that hasnt already been done? I do know the right thing is to pay back the good man but my will to do so has gone from 100 to zero in 12 hours... Could have been different
  23. we do know he hates hypocrites, and u are the biggest one here, after Brock and Teddy of course
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