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  1. I don't understand what your having to sort through? I gave a list of games i think will have a first half goal, i also specifically noted the selections are for a first half goal. I gave you winners, 9 infact out of the 10..
  2. Who remembers my first half goal selection from earlier? Well guess what - 10 selections, 9 winners and 7 hit our preferred odds of 1.72! Also 13 tips tonight, 9 winners in a row and 11 winners!
  3. Hello, the list was a first half goal selection. So over 0.5 first half goals in the games above.
  4. Hi, my names Charlie. I’m a self acclaimed professional football tipster with over 89,000 followers on twitter and over 5 years experience when it comes to gambling. Ever since I started on twitter my main aim was to promote sensible, fun and profitable gambling and after years of dedication I’ve managed to build a massive profile for my self helping people make money through football tips. Why should you check me out? With daily profit/loss spread sheets, monthly reports and plenty of interactivity you’ll always know how we’re doing, you may even learn a thing or two with my detailed FH g
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