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  1. Such a pathetic loser doesn’t warrant a response but to clarify the juice on my straight bets trumps the total risk on yours. That’s a fact.
  2. Keep it going. Last few weeks toughened up for me , missed a huge 5 team parlay last week when chargers didn’t score at the goal line end game.
  3. You silly obsessed fat ass See you next Tuesday . I didn’t work over anyone, I played poker with a pack of pathetic losers and paid by tab , leave me out of your fantasies u 400 ob fat ass loser . Teddy knows how much I won so far in NFL as does JOJO and it’s a wet dream for a girl like you
  4. dogball

    NFL Sunday

    Excellent. Good luck
  5. dogball

    NFL Sunday

    I am the greatest NFL capper in all the lands another hugely successful season for me today I share Washington +3 chargers ML+110 zona -2.5 Good luck and best regards
  6. Fantastic work. Very well executed why 5$ bough. I mean could you find 10$?
  7. What a fucking call. Congrats balls up did you have any $ on it??
  8. Very slow paying has a big mouth and deserves the absurd existence he is confined to.
  9. I did have you confused. My bad Fuck off though either way I never played poker before that and the debt was never in question. Not gonna rehash nonsense. I wish you all luck and you need it
  10. True my bad all meaningless to me but I was wrong.
  11. No I think him making this thread was in bad taste but he means well. I believe if he gets his hands on some $ he will chip away. He should have sent some of the 800 no doubt And if I saw this thread I would have played Atlanta huge. It’s was destined to be a loser , I had the game too close to bet.
  12. Jerkoff , 15 posters get my games before they start. I help people who deserve it. You beg for 200$ for weeks for keeping a ledger you did the month before 4 a poker club and look like the fool you are. Step into my league Don’t cry over the 300$ that week like a girl. Moreover I paid like I said I would and you still need to comment which is why you have no poker and 8 guys posting here teddy don’t like me. Your right about nothing ever
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