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  1. Silly girl, if I cared enough I’d find the post where you worshipped me in December for the season I had. True I stunk in the playoffs and the net result was still incredible wins every week in the nfl for profits you can only dream about
  2. LOL,a few decades ago perhaps. Other than posting mlb -nfl picks I never had posting importance. I put on a clinic at peeps last nfl season for a jam packed audience of 8 or 10 weekly. A true masterpiece though.
  3. Peeps unmoderated freestyle madness is great. Why is the cat obsessed with you?
  4. I never got that benefit package
  5. Decades in the making. RX with rubber room and board room was wild times. Golden days
  6. Remember you were mentoring him a few years ago? I ate Wagu Ribeye tonight at Reserve Cut. 40 broad street. Excellent
  7. Joey taking the olive branch yes + 4,000000 joey responding with midget insults etc - yes -6,000000000 Brock should know better but must like abuse
  8. Pretty rusty , sharp call. . Dallas line looked surprisingly strong and dak had plenty of time, poised to rebound if stay healthy and when cle Dee shakes rust off
  9. I liked your UGA and army picks, could be 2-0 that isn’t thin!
  10. Exactly, not gonna press here but 48 is pretty young.
  11. Passed from what ? Covid seemed like a logical ask, sorry to hear and thinking of his family
  12. She’s looks attractive , good luck and easy on the powder
  13. Brock , you went Pro now ? Are you still in poker and Uber ?
  14. Fishy - why can’t they water these crops. Am I mistaken in thinking they have irrigation systems on farms for crops that do this or some alternative way of getting them watered ?
  15. Dr tells me laser surgery runs circles around old method. That being said, my issue is only the bleeding. When this happens it’s abundant and stunning. Decade ago had one that was quite problematic, pain, itch , discomfort but it went away. Last few years only the blood
  16. Obviously castor oil FH , use cortisone ointment to reduce inflammation and stop bleeding. Need an RX for good one, not the suppository. Clean with witch hazel to calm
  17. Such a pathetic loser doesn’t warrant a response but to clarify the juice on my straight bets trumps the total risk on yours. That’s a fact.
  18. Keep it going. Last few weeks toughened up for me , missed a huge 5 team parlay last week when chargers didn’t score at the goal line end game.
  19. You silly obsessed fat ass See you next Tuesday . I didn’t work over anyone, I played poker with a pack of pathetic losers and paid by tab , leave me out of your fantasies u 400 ob fat ass loser . Teddy knows how much I won so far in NFL as does JOJO and it’s a wet dream for a girl like you
  20. dogball

    NFL Sunday

    Excellent. Good luck
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