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  1. cool save us both some time thank you Mr. Merlin yer a nice guy
  2. Boats one time baby!! I can let you know the next time we load one up at Scioto
  3. who owns this pay toilet??? get the fukkin ban hammer
  4. kinger hustle up i can get you a gallon of roids right off the docks
  5. make it permanent I will send you all the clonazepam I never took, couple years worth
  6. ban me one more time for old times sake tia
  7. hey I ain't stalking or doxy here just tryna get popped. sorry fella
  8. and someonefukkin ban Sinker, nobody ban that fukk in over a week yer fell asleep at the wheel. Call Dr. Merlin get a new prescription
  9. Yer all fukkin two bit goofy. Sell this shit to someone and you fukkin clowns can go buy a business you can handle. Popsicle stand or Tupperware Party or some shit
  10. just fukkin shoot each other this Murheeeka shit getting boring
  11. i wish all the police would take a month off and that masks and any other virus mitigation would be ruled illegal Add Trump for another four. And call Snake Pliskin to save the day.
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