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  1. deemer did you get in good with those white frat boys yet? make those connections get that HUGE job or will you be just another BDF scrambling like most all other dumbass new lawyers?
  2. Risk: 207.00 - Win: 150.00 SOC - Alternative Handicap: 1.5 Barcelona SC vs Mushuc Runa SC [171036] Mushuc Runa SC +1.5 -138 Game start 04/16/2021 08:00 PM
  3. adam toledos nicknames were lil homicide baby diablo he was a killer in the latin kings
  4. Ts179


    yep russia doesnt have all its troops occupying other countries. they are built for home defense. USA could get maybe 100k troops and 1/3rd of its power to ukraine. that wouldnt be enough.
  5. dana stubblefield just died from covid in prison
  6. Ts179


    id imagine russia would win a war with ukraine/usa just too close to home
  7. Ts179

    Sam Losco

    ESPN was saying how sick some of the players were the other night. "dangerously ill" pathetic. they are all probably at each others houses every night getting paid to party
  8. fishhead whats the blood alcohol content tonight?
  9. Ts179


    its only 2600 troops maybe a lot of gear/supplies i dont know
  10. chapo no comment on how hideous looking that dead guy was?
  11. Ts179


    sharp from another site That is what Government originated Covid and Government inpsired Covid hysteria has led to. Any large scale missile attack from Gaza, or aggressive strikes by Iran or it proxies, especially in coordination with Russian provocations in Ukraine, and it is doom on. Watch for increased missile attacks or Gaza uprising. If Israel calls up their reserves, sell your stocks pronto.
  12. Ts179


    Biden is intent that russia accepts gay marriage and he is very focused on Lady GaGas impact on russian culture
  13. 5% of the population but 25% of the worlds prisononers not looking so hot anymore freedom greed
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