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  1. ok. plz give me a dew break
  2. housepicks had now said twice for me to log off so thats that. really i cant risk being dewed and not knowing why. so i have to stop posting here. all i want is to work and watch tucker when i get home. is that too much to ask? and if i cant post here then i cant beg for less dew. but i guess i have to quit. take care
  3. permadew really sucks. and i take it ill be dewed tonight that makes a real go-getter for an interview tomorrow was just in pet store lady looked at me like i was insane. and i tried to be normal
  4. cool system. so take the country that God gave the best natural resources to and hog them. no wonder despair and atheism is rampant
  5. yeah but if i was a billionaire CEO i wouldnt offshore my workforce to China stabbing the American worker in the back for max profits. "i think ill offshore my jobs to an atheist country that murders Christians"
  6. that would be tough to search for. no key words that stick out like "e.stoughton" i have to get work clothes so cant spend the time. but not lying
  7. guy admitted here at tgf last month that after his mother passed he went around with her credit card. when they came looking for their money he told them to fuk off. and he was bragging about it. again all recorded here at tgf and that is basically a felony
  8. can i please recover from the dew streak? please ill have a job in 48 hours. ill go to church every weekend i already read end-times books ect please just let me have no dew. please
  9. cant read housepicks material anymore. he leads me on wild goose chases will read scripture and go from there. guy could have told me a lot never did. i remember some things when i was drunk but not much. said mass was mandatory which i see is true.
  10. well im out of here. no point in being here with these guys ive been such a bitter a-hole to most of them they dont like me anyways. going to church tomorrow and will go 1-2 a week. dont sin anymore anyways. getting dewed and then coming here for help never works. so no point in trying that signing out. will lose my password tomorrow
  11. naw another superpowered variant will break out. we all know that drip drip drip
  12. tens of thousands of businesses closed for good and nobody did anything. aussies arent doing anything nobody is doing anything. they wouldnt have done all this if it wasnt already figured out. few pockets of ppl with supplies guns ect. but keyboard guys are taking the clotshot no doubt. accept it and move on
  13. thats a cool long term strategy. seems like it will work
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