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  1. Imagine being a man and you are complaining about not being able to go to a concert. You in transition?
  2. The human experiment has failed. The dumb outnumber the smart by an insane number. Solution is to buy land in an isolated spot like the Unibomber did and fend for yourself. Most people are retarded. There are exceptions to the rule of course.
  3. I hate women especially western women who are nothing but wet holes and babies factories. Giving them rights was a mistake. I would fight a war for my dog over any woman.
  4. The same people ordering soldiers to invade these places would never go themselves or send their kids there to get killed or their legs blown off.
  5. Shouldn't be invading other peoples lands in the first place. These "wars" are for corporations profits not to be the good guys.
  6. Fear is how you control the sheep. Anyone can print any story they want. Fake news/propaganda is everywhere. Until they can prove any of the shit they are spouting it means nothing.
  7. If the government cared about peoples health they would make Alcohol Illegal. They would make fast fried food illegal. They would make soda illegal. They would make cigarettes illegal. They wouldn't authorize doctors to push legal pill forms of narcotics and opiates on people. This country is survival of the fittest every man for himself brock if you haven't figured that out in 50 years of living in that Fat suit you never will.
  8. I don't trust the hospitals/doctors either. Data can be manipulated too. All you have to know is we live in a country where people follow their script to make their paycheck. Tons of tweets from nurses and doctors that hospitals were jam packed and then you see nurses twerking on social media. You can't trust shit anyone says especially people who are being paid to follow an agenda by their masters.
  9. Imagine letting the government pump you with experimental shit when you ain't dying from er unless your old fat and immune system is shot? You have an immune system for a reason. Government can't save you brock you stupid bitch.
  10. You'll never convince brock otherwise dumb sheep have no idea that they are dumb sheep. Darwinism
  11. We'll never know the true agenda but to think the government cares about it's slaves is a lie. More than likely the agenda is to kill old people and/or damage other peoples health. The whole pandemic shit is a big scripted scam. Thankfully we live in a country where you have to consent to the games so basically it's an IQ test. If you're dumb enough to play the game and take the jab you risk the future consequences. Whether that be death or damage to your body that leads to dying earlier than you're supposed to who knows. Imagine trusting others you brock you're a fat hillbilly n1gger
  12. Optional basically admitting to having a case/clear evidence but then making excuses that are unrelated to the case.
  13. SBR justifying theft by an A rated sbr book by saying "You were banned by sbrforum (which was because of being drunk and just saying some inappropriate shit on the forum) You didn't follow what we told you to do! (Which is bullshit because I filed like 20 reports because they were not responding to me for weeks) And then finally saying I was badgering staff (I contacted them on live chat on sbr a few times to see what I can do since it seemed like they weren't trying to help me. Inquiring on live chat for 5 minutes regarding the case is not "badgering" it's what anyone would do if 2-3 weeks went by and no progress/update was made)
  14. I provided proof/filed many disputes with sbr regarding GTbets shorting me $215.74 on payouts and they basically said "You got banned from the forum for talking shit so you deserve it" I provided proof that they shorted me twice totally $15.74 and sbr did nothing about it.
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