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  1. You’re just pissed you were busted for masquerading as a Jew, only to remain as nothing more than a pathetic one legged crippled.
  2. Gay California democrat senator busted for a creating a hoax threat against himself on Twitter. Must have been inspired by Juicy. The silly lying dems and their never ending hoaxes.
  3. That‘s what I’ve been saying all along about EV’s. Gotta dig up half a million pounds of the earth to get a single battery, and when they die or get a certain age nobody is going to buy your car, nor will most people buy a new 10-20k battery for their old car. Gonna be a lot of junkyards created for these things smashed and stacked high. Sounds lovely. Since California is pushing it the hardest I say all dead EV’s go to their state as the junkyard epicenter. There and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  4. Lol you're forever a total idiot. Losing jobs because a stupid cold shut the world down. End of story. Then you credit Biden for the economy simply just opening back up and claiming he created the jobs. GTFO. Trump didn't make anybody attack a Synagogue or anybody you idiot. You're not a Jewish person anyways so Hoffa can chime on his feelings. You can sit crippled and silent on the matter. Life was 100x better under Trump than this current idiot who is 100% the worst president of all time. Obama and Jimmy Carter can finally rest easy as they're no longer being debated on who's 1 vs 2.
  5. Like Donnie Baker told Eminem…..you’re better than this MM.
  6. A real evil black woman here. I know she looks almost 100% white, but apparently the queen was worried about what their kids would look like if they had an interracial child. Family divided ever since. All for a crazy pathetic single mom.
  7. Gmcarroll33


    Tesla’s suck. DeLorean’s are the future of EVs!
  8. Can’t go by skin tone you racist! Somehow the Dolphins head coach and Cameron Champ in golf are black. It’s 2022 and we have a new kind of black man.
  9. Tua is an Pacific Islander. Not black. We have a gray area here of what to expect.
  10. Your trolling is noted but you’re not getting under my skin senor. Imagine just getting used to a worse quality of life and saying “well $1 more is better than $2 more” while nobody’s wages increase, inflation is through the roof and forgetting the prices you once enjoyed all over a president destroying fossil fuels exactly as he said he would, and excepting this as your new standard of living and praising the person for making it worse.
  11. You’re crediting him for what will be a long term disaster, and the price as it is is still currently a disaster vs where it should be.
  12. Because they are, and we’re still a $1 higher. Back to the same exact bs prices of 90% of Obama’s 8 years. Also our strategic reserves are about completely drained to get it to this price and the rest of the world keeps laughing at Biden. Watch what they stay at for the majority of his term.
  13. So we’re still about a $1 higher than Trump’s presidency and this is a cheering point? I thought the left said Biden didn’t control the price of gas when it was sky high?
  14. Another Biden supporting Democrat ho mo threatening to shoot up a gay club. Biden must be impeached before his hate and division has the whole country dead.
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