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  1. I prefer typing a post or 2 and going on about my day. You on the other hand seem to be a complete loser who lives on the internet all day posting 50+x a day here because you have nothing else to do with your life, whine and complain nonstop about how life is so hard, inventing psycho things like DEWED, etc etc. And funny enough you try and make fun of others. I don't know anything about HUAD's past here, but at this moment in life he comes across a hell of a lot better than you. Have a good day!
  2. Nothing can stop the emoji dancing........nothing!
  3. What are you a chick? Emoji's are for girls. You could actually type something or you can just feel like you won the internet with a stupid emoji. I don't care about him one way or the other.
  4. Facial symmetry is one of the key things that goes into attraction with the opposite sex. They look pretty similar in the face. A lot of you want to hate on him and want to drag him down for some reason. He seems like an okay guy that had issues before I joined here, but I've seen nothing to see everybody deservedly wish him the worst, Some of ya'll are an angry bunch with nothing better to do. Tonight I saw this Asian kid walking near my house with blood all over his face and body. Did a quick U-Turn and made sure he was alright. We couldn't really communicate but I at least gave him a towel to clean his blood up. I say do something good tomorrow vs trolling and hating on the internet.
  5. Pitbulls seems like an absolutely annoying dog to own. The only one I was ever around I just remember her ears twitching non stop just laying on the couch resting. Way too much energy and aggression. I'm more of a bloodhound type which was my last dog (RIP Molly), but this dog seems awesome. The South African Boerboel. Unfortunately you need to live in Montana or the Dakotas for this dog to roam and have fun. These dogs were bred to protect against lions, but will love kids and your family, and protect you to the end of the earth. One quote I read is that there's some dogs that will bark and act angry at a person that means harm to their family but toss them a biscuit and they'll just eat it. This dog will put that person in the hospital.
  6. Damn when I was playing basketball in high school somebody would have been laughed off of the court wearing these shoes, had their ass kicked, or at minimum called a F A G. Times are different I guess. I can’t think of a single public instance where I would want to have these shoes on my feet. Survival situation yeah ok, anything else lol.
  7. From hand shaking the air to now fist bumping the air. Look at the lost and confused expression on his face. Time for a cognitive test like the media made up and demanded about Trump having dementia that he passed with flying colors, but that would only make Kamala the first woman president ever and she has no business as VP much less the President.
  8. Oh OneFooter you're a funny troll. Remember when you blabbered about the stock market and what a difference a year makes. Yeah what a difference 2 years makes. https://www.factsarefirst.com/comparison/joe-biden/donald-trump Putin's war, Putin's war, we don't control gas prices..............Hey about those lower gas prices man. Look what I did. The hell with inflation. Labor force participation rises solely because people could go back to work again but still way lower than Trump. Yeah Biden is kicking total ass and will surely be elected to a 2nd term even though his own party can't endorse him at this point.
  9. Liz Cheney should have never been a representative of Wyoming. You should have to actually live in the state you represent. Not just have a vacation home in Jackson Hole which is the most celebrity spot in the state (beautiful place though).
  10. That's strange. Brussels is way the hell away from Portugal. Portugal or Spain doesn't have a main international airport? Anyways that leaves 16 hours of getting through the airports and waiting for flights and then the actual flights. The only way to cut this in half is to get as hammered as possible before each takeoff, buckle in, go to sleep, and hope to wake up 4 hours later.
  11. I thought this was a favorite pickles thread
  12. He has still yet to post a homemade blt with the family, or any dish that his wife who is a supposed wonderful cook makes most nights. Non stop eating out. Brock show us you sitting at the table with your family at home eating a meal together as a family.
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