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  1. I never felt more appreciated After seeing the alternative
  2. Oh I see it’s house picks Sweep text me to back off Lol Ok I thought house picks meant the house Good luck with this nonsense
  3. I wouldn’t bring people to this shit show Was misinformed
  4. Glad you guys having traffic Now
  5. Jeez, sweep really deals with this? Why do you do it? Why did you tell me it’s better here? Me and you are no more fir years but jeez These guys bury you and then send you gifts? No thanks man
  6. Lol You know I do And where are yours Maybe you do bet / lose more than me in day Still a bitch
  7. Seemed like a general offer to anybody Willing to take one , and after several replies Nobody did So I will
  8. Fukk you dude I’m none of those things I’m not sweep bro
  9. I don’t have that Kinda money Never promoted that I’m Just calling out any poster here
  10. Begging for plays And thanking me for then Gtfo
  11. I ain’t going no where Just now your making an enemy As opposed to friend I could bury dodge from his apology private messages alone Terrible 2 faced spy
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