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  1. Jeez, sweep really deals with this?


    Why do you do it?


    Why did you tell me it’s better here?


    Me and you are no more fir years but jeez


    These guys bury you and then send you gifts?


    No thanks man

  2. Then don't let the door hit you in the ass....we don't need plagiarism....or begging.....or the massive following you "could" bring


    You were kindly invited to join the horse thread here....just be one of the people posting there....that was not good enough for the horse god....all cool....watch that door and your ass

    Fukk you dude


    I’m none of those things


    I’m not sweep bro

  3. Forget forum small time stuff the Matteis brothers have a challenge on twitter. 10k per day headsup I believe. You need a link? I know dink will take a crack at something if you post it up probably half those stakes.

    I don’t have that Kinda money


    Never promoted that



    Just calling out any poster here

  4. Buried for the second time in 3 days lmao

    apparently his crew couldn’t find the forum and we came up short on the 1000$ fund



    This guy is chiming in my thread daily and direct messaging daily


    Then being someone else here

  5. Then help it grow. Imagine if you are the one that grows this place into something.

    Dude, respect


    I thought about it


    But these guys are set in their ways 12/25 are trolls


    What your doing here makes no sense


    Except your bitter


    Which I was


    But im not here to fight


    Trying to grow


    Furthermore while , boat is the man, this place is ready to grow


    Every time I spend fighting with 8 idiots , who represent 30% of this forum


    Is a losing cause


    It’s like players talk on sbr


    Only come in when drinking at night

  6. Rd


    This forum is hard enough to funnel through


    Very hard on the eyes


    Let’s just make this clear as day


    I’m willing to accept any challenge on horse racing


    We will share on both forums


    You name the terms


    If your calling me out


    Your quoting one line here and there


    Back it up


    Don’t care if it’s money

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