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  1. I’m on the same ballot Don’t mean any Ill will I wasn’t being a pussy , just didn’t want to step on pussy-willowed toes
  2. Anyway back to business my thoughts on tomorrow’s card Pick 6 will be 6 million Gulfstream Pick 6 Race 7 #1 American Tap (6/1) , Hasn’t ran since before Halloween and is trying winners for the first time, while also making the Synthetic to Turf Switch for the first time. Now Hall of Fame Trainer Mark Casse, has this 3 year filly flying in the mornings , and his go to pilot rides. In a field loaded with speed, Tyler should be able to use tactical speed, save ground from the rail, and have a chance late. The speed of the speed is the #3 Fast Scene (3/1) , who is another filly th
  3. What’s your story? Weren’t your fukkin John Kelly and MoFo 24/7? Or do I remember that wrong?
  4. Sweep is good people, haven’t hung out in years ... both made choices ... I highly doubt he said that , tho...
  5. Well tell them I said what’s up, we used text quite a bit Hope they doing well
  6. I have no opinion on that
  7. Is this just misfits, because guys that post over sbr , sure know a lot about it and seem to know me well. Where is darker? I remember when him and yanks started this ( or atleast was my assumption) Are they ok?
  8. I know that handle , but haven’t made the jump quite yet ... Another king relvover type , no? Idk, lets see how it plays out, Def not happy where I’m at
  9. Could see it, not whipped , but too many points imo
  10. I do , and so do you You started a handle at EOG , or here using my name It’s all good , White claws confirm you the same Cleveland Indians fan Cheers pal
  11. Patience , lol ... that troll might of beat me over there But I do like several , especially in the horse / ncaabb forum
  12. Thanks, like the back support
  13. You still chasing Barcadi limon shots with amino acids? You are the one that used My handle and signed up , trying to br me , But real talk , you the big deemer from before? Still chasing chicks around the Midwest with your dick in your hand?
  14. What are the differences here?
  15. I actually know who you are, and could see how you would perceive that as such I was simply asking , because traffic will definitely change here
  16. To be clear to everyone , I do own down south , a few k points from the other side, but I refuse give them anything , as I think they are sleezeballs cheats ... We will figure it out in another way
  17. Ironic , I had a pepperoni and mushroom panzarotti today from Francos, today ...
  18. Thanks . Would I know you, from there?
  19. The X, No thanks , What handle would I know you from?
  20. I’m lkid1 Where should I post my horse racing / other sport plays? Don’t wanna intrude , new forum, without proper etiquette... Mike yanks, boater, others , what up? You can delete this thread , after pointing me in right direction... Thanks in advance Side note: I’m looking for a new home,
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