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  1. I think you answered your question in your question Your is referring to me
  2. Look respect all around Don’t fukkin call me out I’m transparent Idk what sweep doing Idk shit Any horse contest I’m in Come check me out I never fukkin claimed or posted anything I did bet Unreal reporting
  3. Sweep offer your 1k to someone else , I just got called out by horse handicapper here Cheers buddy wish you best of luck Let me put this to sleep first
  4. Your right I know most I’ll save my judgement But I’m not critiquing I’m saying why it is There’s nothing here at the moment Except this upcoming contest that rd I can’t believe I missed someone calling me out
  5. Do you even see what I do in the contests Omg , yessir , lets go
  6. I can’t fukkin believe I’m just now seeing this Lol your so called horse capper doesn’t even get it right And fukkin horse contest vs anyone here Anytime Gtfo using my name like that
  7. Wtf! So you do see my work? Lmfao Thanks for chiming In If you see I posted I didn’t have it And only in my contest thread Get your fukkin facts straight Or better yet I fukkin challenge you to any horse racing contest You name the fukkin terms Post up here and share on sbr
  8. You actually are good people I always can understand where your coming from And know where I stand Cheers
  9. You guys like what you have here appreciate everything just handicapping the situation It’s not what I thought And , no judgement Boat is a great guy , I never wanted to separate No worries Couldn’t even handle new guys registering And that’s no prob Talking to 25 guys , half which already in my thread Does nothing to grow
  10. Lol , ok In my defense I’ve learned that strategy and spoke about before I get it , I get it , Good job guys If you read my thread You’d know But I get it
  11. Wtf Camera fukk shy Loser makes a video Paying the cash to prove it
  12. I’m Taking your offer Accepting your bet Responding to the thread
  13. You can’t back down now, I mean you just another gift from boat Keep them wrapped And just ship them here
  14. I haven’t seen one post from you except being woody woodpecker Looking forward to you proving me wrong
  15. I didn’t mean to offend 100% I’m defending the bunch of laughing emojis
  16. I’m Currently , on hold off my bank roll Waiting until these horses get 2nd and 3rd off the lay-off tries This is perfect
  17. I’ll take this bet Your a handicapper all of a sudden? You have $1k to throw around? No need to post up We live 5 minutes from one another Names the rules I’ll drive over , say what’s up to fam, and pick up a cool g
  18. There is no handicapping being done here haven’t seen one write up Guys aren’t feeling it all And I agree Everyone is so bitter And it funnels down And you guys aren’t even tight knitted Boat, Teddy , w2w, handful of others and that’s it Not bashing , just sharing why it won’t work
  19. Man you guys have 25 guys posters here and troll each other Is their any handicapping done at all? It seems everyone here cuz boat is so generous and a stand up gentlemen Or can’t be anywhere else Sweep is extremely high character
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