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  1. I wasn’t trolling It’s a lock Whether I like it or not Which I do btw But yeah I agree politics aren’t my thing I don’t think this thread will age well here , for you guys
  2. I’d recommend using that technique Especially in turf racing But that’s good capping w2w
  3. If you getting a lot of second places Try playing your win bets Then playing an exacta with your other contenders on top of your win bet Can really help with these type of days
  4. Lol you lost me at Brock And I don’t shit about king revolver Just remember him defending jk like it was his job Too bad you deleted most
  5. Less if I drank it Lol Yeah when we were poor we made it work Miss those times for real
  6. Sweep played it smart Invited him to a buddies house! Classic memories
  7. lol If you call sweep and I a bash Well actually at that time It was that exactly 24/7
  8. Lol I remember when zeta arrived and before greeting , asked if he could be his sandwich in the frig Wow that dude , makes you never wanna meet another poster Esiecually the group of him, Bobby, Bronxer , JJ , Patty
  9. Oh no! I remember The shades their were 2 pair I took them and had then on my hat Or wait maybe sweep had them on his hat No I had then on my hat and got in fight with fire fighter friend playing poker I think Got in a fight and they broke Jeez good times
  10. I was there for the last package In the garage watching super bowl I think If I remember right , maybe Seattle / Denver blow out I think I took half that stuff Oh yeah never mind thanksgiving I had the shades for a long time They got broke in a fight Between me and sweep I think He was pretty mad
  11. Who is blue? I picked those 2 casses as well Nice job
  12. Can’t work like this with my name play pen Needs to be a place a that everyone feels equally valued I have a better idea , gimmie a month Thanks
  13. Jeez 2 points on the principal compounded weekly What did he lose on , if you mind sharing He eats 5 star dining 3 times a day
  14. lol i get it, But I don’t have thousands of email accounts Personal info isn’t shared It’s a slow process Fish head you gonna enlighten me on who owns that forum or what? Zero activity there
  15. I didn’t think much of Fire either, but did like Rudy as I said Jts didn’t you used to troll With the best of them over there? I could be mistaken
  16. Do we know each other? Your handle and style feels familiar I don’t doubt he was
  17. Jeez Christ Me and you can just never have a convo Your just completely out there Good luck man
  18. He’s a lock to win and your right as it should
  19. Enlighten me, I’m assuming an sbr connection
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