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  1. Lol , I can’t say it any more clear But no I’m not concerned
  2. Man all these guys with different handles different forums Do they just live in multi personalities Shit is impossible to keep with up And leave it to a forum with 25 posters to have the dirt on everyone Shit is uncanny Pretty impressive actually
  3. Real hero’s are the nurses This shit is just a ploy Like the other infamous chick who did it first, and got locked up for a week
  4. Having your name / threads on a forum, you never been a part a of?
  5. I thought I was pretty sharp, can’t figure this out for nothing
  6. you know it is man I gotta take it slow If I just open it up , I won’t have to contact Gonna have to be word of mouth for a while Then when established , blow it up This place has like 25 guys , thousands there with a ton a mods It’s already out, but I’m fine talking to Myself down stairs fir a while Plus I like you guys here So worst case , I’m just here now Not worried , tired of that place Normally I’d have atleast 500 views on a write up But I’m good with my decision Of course I have email and a phone lol In couple weeks , I’ll need some help from the
  7. Yeah I don’t get how they can do it lol
  8. For example all my contest threads and my picks are there I’m not registered And some guys accidentally registered there to See the same Does that not rub the wrong way?
  9. When you google Gambling forum without “the” They come up It’s like they stealing from other places
  10. Guys aren’t posting there Never even signed up They are copying the threads from sbr and promoting them there Nobody has posted there
  11. Yes I’m doing it but can’t dm direct link I’ll be kicked off Gonna take time But guys will figure it out,
  12. None of the sbr guys ever posted there And it’s just straight from the forum Using as their horse forum
  13. Guys were joining there mistaking it for this place And see there handles and threads along with mine Already there Like they just duplicate threads , and use them over there when we never posted there Look at the horse forum there It’s just stealing from where I was at
  14. Longtime member response , doesn’t answer the question
  15. How can they just steal threads like that
  16. Wtf is gamblingforums.com Got guys mistaking sign up for this place And I see they been using a lot of our threads They just rake the sites?
  17. Brick is stiffy e? Lol , just make a video tailgating with 2 I win and mug lookalikes Drinking wine, and wearing a notre Dame jersey at an Illinois / cincy football game Touting it as play of year of cincy and they lose by 30 as the favorite That one comes to mind
  18. Jeez, Archie is like a forum history wizard
  19. Yeah they said 2 mil but I think 5
  20. There meet trimmed once these other tracks opened anyway These mandatory pools are ideal , but I haven’t any had any luck You guys playing the golden gate 6 mandatory tomorrow? Gonna dig after I finish gulf
  21. Race 5 I think Peter Walder, has this race covered. He’s got a pure speed horse with one of the best speed riders in the #2 Dizzy Gillespie (7/2) , Might get an easy lead and wire as they did the last time they teamed up. But if not, he also saddles the #5 Crea’s Bklyn Law (9/2) , This gelding always brings it, and gets in fresh. Has Tactical Speed and totes in some solid NY back class. Another Irad mount that will be over bet on #6 Be Gone Daddy (3/1) ,deep closer , in a race that looks like lone speed. Just a side note in this race, Im curious to see how the #1 Fifth Title (10/1) , does go
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