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  1. The eight didn't pressure the 6 enough, for the 5 to get up for second. Centeno so good, almost came back. 1-6-5 Chalky Exacta Nice pick on the 1 to win Brayden Had that race pretty well covered
  2. Tampa Bay Race 4 My favorite type of race. Lots to cycle through here, Just give a run down #1 Branco Maria (3/1) , 3 year colt went for 385k in the august sales off a 100k sire fee. Barn does good work , but I don’t see anything jumping off the page in the mornings and to debut for only 20k? Is that because they don’t have other options maybe, but I’d try to beat and bet against not being a monster. Especially debuting from the rail. Chris Clement drops in the #2 Onward (2/1) , down to this level after dueling and quitting vs much tougher in Hallandale beach. The form is showi
  3. Tampa Bay Wednesday Race 1 #1 Happy Wanderer (5/2) , Is going to turf to dirt in this spot because they don’t have this level on the grass. 2nd off the purchase for Mike Dini, as well being 2nd off a long layoff. Was cranked up for return and didn’t have enough gas in the tank to finish at the 10k level. Shortens slightly here and pilot returns on the drop. Have to go back almost 2 years to see the last time this now 6 year old gelding ran on the dirt, and was a good second. Will most definitely be sent from the rail. Could get caught up with other speeds like the #6 Tiz Samurai (7/2) ,
  4. I got so many stories from g pop , his job was basically take clients to pine valley and get their business They had presidents chopper in and denied access
  5. Cliff notes Had a limo pick him up from Ac to pine valley to philly to call game He always drank T&T & smoked parliament lights But has my grandfather stop every liquor store on way fir a six pack only My g pop would be like just get a case They made 3 stops from Ac to pine valley 18 beers Then shot a 92 And went to broadcast Phillies Game next afternoon But had a bottle of tang , tonic , and 2 packs of parliaments Legend
  6. I still want ultimately a fund Say me and another chosen 9 posters put up 1k We all have to agree on the posters And takes 7/10 votes to bet We only cash out in 1k increments Something like that I’m only here for 2 reasons 1: To build a team 2: to shit on sbr And keep each other in check
  7. I was young so can’t argue the mj thing Pretty sure this put it to bed But I can speak on his character first hand My grandfather was Vp of PNC bank and played pine valley with Jordan He lost a lousy thousand dollars and on the 18th green , threw down the 10 - $100 bills on the green and proceeded to blame his caddy Was never welcomed since Since I’m on the topic Compare it to the character he played with. , several presidents And Icons I got a story about harry kalas, I’ll make a video for
  8. I can’t post anything like that Po monitors Why I can’t have social media I did have a phone visit today Someone was accurate with earlier post
  9. More like a drunk than retard , but maybe After all, I wouldn’t know either way Then again the third option I don’t pay much attention to certain handles
  10. Could somebody answer me and give me update on Mike yanks and darker? When I joined here before I thought they started it and had posts but guess deleted We used to talk all the time and really liked those guys
  11. Sent me a hat or shirt or something I’m sure I got their hat somewhere In a few weeks I’ll make it like a recruiting video
  12. I want to stress to punters to seek out , shippers that are moving up While their track is still open Along the same lines, look for barns that are spending money when they have easier chances available right in front of them , because these animals are tired of working and want race day ...
  13. They are actually deep , lots of small connections Sadler has a temple city “ cape point” in the second leg that looks good One thing I wanna and will write about here shortly Is the claiming game is gonna open back up With new venues Trainers have been running their ponies at same level claiming because of the reluctance to claim This entire sequence is claiming I’m Not excited for it But I believe trainers will start fire selling their barns To recover profits once those claim boxes start to grow back to normal In conclusion , don’t be surprised to see horses wi
  14. Man, maybe after summer The economy can’t half open For this place to rebound They are still getting the online handle , so to prevent future lawsuits , being quick on the trigger I wouldn’t hope for anytime soon To follow policy and disinfect like a local OTB can do or small establishments Is mission impossible Nj doing fine with online fir now Hope they are some tickets And maybe meet you down there in future
  15. I most excited to watch sbr horse forum deplete during this Jeez that will be self satisfying They passed me over for moderator there for a JJ ghost lol But when sports start back we will have foundation for that as well
  16. About 8 shots I guess Then again mostly don’t remember when But yeah 8 tells me Im drinking I guess I would never drink if I’m not having atleast that Not a couple beers guy
  17. That’s no problem , As long as it’s easily accessible For others Thanks again
  18. On a personal note from the video I don’t think I’m a racial poster at all Or a person fir that matter I’m assuming that was just a general rule of thumb
  19. Did you guys take a look at golden gate Thursday Mandatory payout off the bat
  20. I think lll start posting everything here when you get set up, no reason to rush And allow a natural transition for a while Then do a video later on This way word is kinda already out I’m excited for the opportunity No matter what it happens it’s chance at what I want And we will all find out together Worst case I face plant and banned there So I do take some risk But if confident in myself I can manage that
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