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  1. need to add: Fair'Warning Moldoveanu Chi_Archie IAG WeinkeToWarrick Bigrunner boatboatboat Miley Cyrus richsox24 Lenn Sakata loman Let me know if I missed any others.
  2. you should stand on that corner every day for a long time. make sure you make inquiries to all passersby too please. report back to us.
  3. not gonna lie that clip gets me giddy every time. can just picture the champaign cumstain hanging his head and muttering. only thing that could make it sweeter would be if the announcers would follow up the initial call with "and BROCK LANDERS STRIKES AGAIN!"
  4. you left out hilary clinton the golden state warriors illinois basketball/football florida state getting the kicked blocked and returned by ga. tech some bowl game with duke where there were TWO onside kicks recovered and run back or something. that was in this incredible three-week stretch where 1 in a million bad beats were happening every week. all courtesy of the Champaign Cumstain.
  5. you may have a devil of a time figuring it out. that's the word on the street.
  6. Silly Monkey, everyone knows that the best pho place anywhere is actually a Thai place. Sincerely, The Champaign Cumstain
  7. Updated rankings. Apologies for the delay, technical issues with committee members was the cause. 1. Mike75 2. TheX 3. joeybagodonuts 4.Monkeyfocker 5. Mikeman 6.KingKolzig 7. WVU 8. Fishhead 9. housepicks 10. deemer 11. BillySink 12. JimmyHoffa 13. rjt 14. PocketRockets 15. redstripe 16. Hoops 17. Buster 18. DownSouth 19. nothingbutwinners 20. Wade 21. KingRevolver 22. RaiseThese 23. Sleepy 24. EugeneMorgan 25. AxlRose2020 26. el chapo The
  8. new rankings will be posted at 3pm eastern, that is noon on the west coast best coast. very similar to the bcs rankings. Quote
  9. today need to add: WVU joeybagodonuts DownSouth KingKolzig Wade BillySink rjt housepicks RaiseThese redstripe
  10. its pronounced jhan and i forgot where we played
  11. Updated Rankings: 1. Mike75 2. TheX 3. monkeyfocker 4. Mikeman 5. Fishhead 6. deemer 7. JimmyHoffa 8. PocketRockets 9. Hoops 10. Buster 11. Nothingbutwinners 12. KingRevolver 13. Sleepy 14. EugeneMorgan 15. AxlRose2020 16. el Chapo
  12. need to add : hoops monkeyfocker KingRevolver
  13. need to add: Eugene Morgan AxlRose2020 Buster Nothingbutwinners deemer
  14. Can't remember more than a handful but will rank and post if you ask me to. Off the top of my head: 1. tennessee titans mike, can't remember his actual name 2. the x 3. mikeman 4. fishhead 5. jimmy hoffa 6. pocket rockets 7. sleepy 8. el chapo
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