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  1. Sleepy hope you are doing well. Focus on the positivity and wash away the negativity. Wishing you and everyone the best. Your friend Eugene
  2. hope all is going well for everyone and remember to stay positive. positivity breeds positivity. wishing you all well and take a moment to be thankful. especially our power posting brother sleepy. namaste.
  3. holy shit i just had the weirdest dream i was so high and i entered this portal and was in saved by the bell except it was all blacks and latinos and zack and kelly were governor and wife and slater was the gym teacher and football coach but a loser and it just kept getting more ridiculous like the black girl was the star of the football team and the jock was in the musical i guess like glee and of course jessie was still excited and so scared but it was this weird twisted random updated politically correct version and even zack had a kid who was a dick like him and i didnt see any of the kids gay although i think one was transgendered but they still hung out at the max and max never aged and did magic still which all black people are still amazed by and the blacks and latinos werent models like kelly and lisa and jessie but were kinda hippy if im being kind not disgusting like lizzo though but not like television material and of course the principal was still spineless but not belding and then i went to sleep. i think if i get high enough maybe they will turn the wonder years black too.
  4. Been to a few wine bars like this. You load up a card and they have machines with varying punta and price points. Good way to try different stuff and tastes. Don't see it translating as well to beer although most breweries will serve you flights. Don't know of any that do the beer thing around here but would try it 🙂 f they had a unique selection.
  5. Couldn't find the other thread. Put on some Marley. Oh yes, and that includes you. I love you too.
  6. Pat has had me in stiches before. I wish him well. I love everyone and everybody.
  7. kolzig, they have mountain dew with alcohol now. embrace. the positivity.
  8. they have the chair where wild bill hickok was shot. very historic. interesting spot.
  9. Hope you guys are all having a great night. Stay positive!
  10. Lol. I like that fighting spirit kolzig. Channel that energy!
  11. Hope things are going well for you kolzig. Focus on the positive.
  12. Solid. Could have done that 30 years ago. Now would need you to spot me at least 30 makes.
  13. Hope you guys all have a great weekend and remember to be kind to others.
  14. Doesn't matter. Focus on the positive. Wasting time trying to insult others instead of being productive. Not replying at all would be more useful and would have a much more desired effect. Also no need to loan money or give credit to anyone, least not those that have proven they won't pay it back.
  15. Glad you are enjoying them. Stadium shows not my thing. I like music in small venues with up and coming bands. Kinda like going to an a ball baseball game.
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