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  1. They are hiding his shoulder injury
  2. Can't win em all let's get another this weekend or next week. Gotta focus let's go.
  3. Osun Osunniyi just left game with back issue for Bonnies. If you like VCU now is the time to bet it.
  4. i used to go to shit hole clubs in the city to see these guys in '92 or '93. also in Trenton/Philly.
  5. back to UIC - they are at Milwaukee tonight...if their transfer from TN Tech (Damaria Franklin) is back from covid list i'm all over UIC getting points , assuming the always injured freshman Patrick Baldwin on Mil is still out. sounds like Baldwin's people will control when he's on the floor, they don't give two shits about these games, it's a terrible team, no rush to put him back on court with the huge payday coming.
  6. Send him a note he will probably sell it to you
  7. I saved my positive picture also
  8. Teachers Union in NJ has unlimited power, they own Murphy as well
  9. my kids school shut down in NJ i typically harass the superintendent , but guy from the board told me it's not her this time, the Teacher's Union wouldn't let them open, they use claim that too many teachers have it "and quarantining from close contacts" so they can't go in. so translation is 2 teachers are sick and 50 teachers are claiming they have to quarantine due to close contacts. and can't get enough subs. i want to start throwing bricks through windows in the middle of the night. it's really the only way to take care of this. have a cop buddy from my town crazier then me and sa
  10. I need to hire somebody $50k Supply chain /planning / buying
  11. they are actually dead last overall KenPom #358. the KP Pantone Red does not get any darker
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