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  1. i wouldn't get nuts with Caleb Swanigan, guy was like 500 lbs
  2. opposing jersey in Nj/Ny not a good idea in NFL/NHL. too many drunk muscles. usually white trash as well. nobody cares at NBA/MLB games
  3. best i see is Boston series -105 i'm still on Boston...Klay looks terrible and not buying a Poole breakout, didn't do anything until GS was up 20
  4. Nothing better at US books
  5. I want to bet Celtics series after GS wins game 2. Did bet Jaylen Brown for MVP after game 1. Guy from eog was right in pointing out the value of it. All these days off helping Robert Williams big time
  6. typed that at same time!
  7. Homestead steakhouse in Bogota Yup Whitehouse still open Nicer seafood meal Docks Oyster House, it's down little past Ceasers before Trop. Actually nice to sit at bar there also for a meal. They will have a game on. Late night pizza at Tony's Baltimore, next to Trop. Old school place looks little rough around edges but it's fine. Mini table jukeboxes at each booth,like in 1979. Great beer selection and good prices at Tennessee Ave Beer Hall. Head on a swivel on that block though at night. Daytime nice big patio to sit outside.
  8. How many cortisone shots can Butler take in a week? Got him on the court Friday but he might be a mess tonight.
  9. Pat Monahan live is something else
  10. i don't know who you are but you post like an SBR L7 Weenie moving forward please refrain from communicating with me
  11. no idea what's going on here but if guy with gun can shoot that bitch with the mouth, and then maybe guy with knife can make sure she's dead by sticking it in her throat everybody wins
  12. did you see Justin7 said Nitrogen stiffed him $10k
  13. Sharp, agree with most of what you said, but what happens when unique first time visitors see your political opinions and assume this is some kind of "special persons" online society? Will be like when the retard school sends them to the movies with the one handler to the matinee, you see them in the lobby and pray they are are not in your theater. You should prob post less just in case
  14. You should weave up some clean underpants
  15. Luka is 23 CP wants NOTHING to do with him on D
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