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  1. And last time I tell you to fuck and off you pretentious prick. I had access before and always paid quickly. I'm not jumping through hoops to play Poker so fuck you. Homosexual human being .
  2. What did the retard find today? Box of Milk Duds.
  3. If A$AP Rocky posts a photo of his wedding I'll send him a gift 🎁.
  4. Yeah that's a threat old man. What the fu(k are you going to do about it?
  5. Alphonso gave Hank some gambling money after he gobbled his BBC. That are Hank saved his stimmy checks.
  6. Smartest guy in the room on any given day. These clowns 🤡 are gutless cowards. Afraid of me taking their money.
  7. Plenty of Democrat Nazis like Big Blubber. Wear masks. Get shots. Black and Gay Lives Matter. Your life does not. You people are disgusting hypocrites. The worst this country has to offer.
  8. Make it happen sir. I appreciate you 🙏
  9. Pussies like Black Lives Matter Joey, Fat Boy Hoops and Nothing But Weiners... Certified bitches.
  10. Pussies are too scared to let Bateman play but let the mango seller back in. Bunch of cowards.
  11. Too bad I'm not from Maine dumb dumb. You are one lame idiot. Try harder.
  12. The fake tough guy from New Hampshire using old recycled ♻️ nonsense. Trying be original for once in your pathetic life fat boy.
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