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Found 7 results

  1. Get NAUGHTY with your betting action with this NICE bonus special. Your choice of 225% or $250% FREE PLAY! Check it out here:
  2. LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Breakfast at Manny Pacquiao's house began with a silent prayer, followed by more silence around the big dining room table as his massive entourage waited for the fighter to take the first bite. On the morning menu in the Hancock Park house were steaming plates of rice, topped with slices of beef. A helper set a few pieces of chicken in front of Pacquiao and a small plate of dried fish to go with the rice and beef he had already half finished. No need to watch his food intake in this training camp. Five days before his crossroads fight with Adrien Broner, Pacquaio was on his
  3. I'm back! Bookie gave me $500 in free play money after i've taken a long hiatus. The juices are flowing and i'm betting on all kinds of insane bullshit. I guess I'll be checking in with my degen friends until I blow my kids' college fund $$$. What's new? Shrink still dead? Whale still in jail? Teddy still drunk?
  4. Hi, my names Charlie. I’m a self acclaimed professional football tipster with over 89,000 followers on twitter and over 5 years experience when it comes to gambling. Ever since I started on twitter my main aim was to promote sensible, fun and profitable gambling and after years of dedication I’ve managed to build a massive profile for my self helping people make money through football tips. Why should you check me out? With daily profit/loss spread sheets, monthly reports and plenty of interactivity you’ll always know how we’re doing, you may even learn a thing or two with my detailed FH g
  5. Its almost fantasy football draft time. I will make my picks,sleepers and predictions and answer any questions in this thread.
  6. Did anyone tell these guys that if you had these horse run like regular horse than like my cat does they could go a lot faster? Wanted to drop f bombs and tell everyone that my $1.25 grilled cheese sandwich was the best ever but there were to many miniature humans around.
  7. Hi guys - I hope all is well. I was just posting to let you know we released the official trailer to my film THE BEST OF IT yesterday. It's a feature length documentary being released late 2015/early 2016. bestofitmovie.com Thanks. Scott Pearson Eberly
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