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Lets Wager On Football Games With Kevy > Football 2015

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Hey Kevy

Are your col fb plays going to be always 5* like MLB is 2* or will they adjust.

Just want to know for my bankroll

Thanks buddy

Go ducks

They will adjust. Between 1 to 5 Units. Most will be

2 and 3 Units. The 5 Units on the Ducks is one of my

biggest wagers in quite awhile.


Thank You Sir and GL 2015 Football wagers.

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For some of my friends and followers that like to

see what im on for Football:


I am in several football contests for the first time in

like 10 years. Where I am having to pick each week

like 5 college and 5 nfl games.


Only a few of the games each week will I have real

money/units on. I am playing a lot of leans in these



I will try and post as many games as possible in here

that I got real money on. But you will never see me hop

in here and mention a Win that I did not post or anything

silly or dumb like that.

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