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2015/16 CAA Basketball Predictions and Plays

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Will probably put predictions in sometime over the weekend.


Friday 11/13 (Season-opener)


729 Drexel +9.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

730 Drexel St. Joes UNDER 127.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

732 JMU Richmond UNDER 137.5 (-105) - 2.1 to win 2 - I expect this to be an ugly turnover filled game. Kendall Anthony graduated from Richmond (best scorer) and Dalembert (JMU's best interior player) is out 2-4 weeks. Richmond likes to play a slow methodical offense and drain the clock before scoring.

749 W&M +12.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

801 Canisius Hofstra OVER 149.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

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4-2, +0.8 units


Good job with the spreads. Way off on the unders. Seems like I completely underestimated the effect of the reduced shot clock, as teams in general got to the FT line a ridiculous amount tonight. I thought there would be a dip in shooting % with the increase in tempo, but seems like I was wrong (based on 1 day of observation).


Usually I like to look for situations/games to bet the under; however, like last year, I will have to look for spots to bet over, as it will be much easier to predict than unders with the new rule changes.

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Monday 11/16


523 JMU WVU OVER 152.5 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2: Both teams press so I expect some easy baskets off turnovers for both teams. Still don't trust the JMU offense, but if shots are being taken early in the shot clock due to beating the press, then there should be a ton of possessions.

525 Elon Michigan OVER 144.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

557 Eastern Kentucky +5.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

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0-3, -3.3

6-7, -1.7


No excuse for FSU to lose to Hofstra with the talent they have. Leonard Hamilton really is one of the worst Xs & Os coaches in college bball.


JMU was lucky to beat FIU. They settled for a lot of low % 3s on offense, which reminds me why you can't trust this team on the offensive end - For every game they shoot lights out from 3, they follow it up with an equally as bad showing from 3 the next game.

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Saturday 11/21


715 Elon Syracuse OVER 144 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2 - Elon is one team I will be betting over a lot on the season. They are a very bad defensive team and are prone to giving up a lot of offensive rebounds because of how small they play. On the other end, some teams will struggle to defend them because of the 4 guard rotations they play a good chunk of the game.

717 W&M Dayton OVER 146.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

787 Monmouth -4 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

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1-1, +0.9

8-10, -3.1


Turkey Day


537 UNC Asheville ML (+105) - 1 unit - Drexel shouldn't be favored over just about anybody neutral site

538 UNC Asheville Drexel UNDER 146 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1 - Betting under on this one solely for the long travel and late night start time for this game.

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1-1, -.05

9-1, -3.15


Saturday 11/28


525 Hofstra St. Bonnies OVER 156 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2: Hofstras and overs are going to be a common theme for my bets this season

553 San Diego +4.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1: Auto-fade Drexel when they are a favorite until they prove otherwise

584 East Tennessee St. -1.5 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2: First game away from home for UNCW against a pretty good ETSU team

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525 Hofstra St. Bonnies OVER 82 (2H) (-110) - 1.1 to win 1 - Hofstra shot awful from the field and the 1st half still finished at 80. Could see 100 points scored in the 2nd half if they shoot better.

584 ETSU -3 (-110) - 0.55 to win 0.5: ETSU started terrible but looked much better closing the half.

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Monday 11/30


521 LSU -5 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2: Too low of a spread IMO. Charleston has looked solid from what I have seen so far this season (they have done a very good job of not turning the ball over), but they are about to face a huge step up in talent and athleticism tonight.

521 LSU Charleston OVER 139.5 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2:

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0-2, -4.4

11-14, -6.3


Embarrassing showing by LSU. No excuse for Charleston to mop the floor with them with the talent they have.


CAA has had a good showing against power conference teams so far this season.


Saturday 12/5


732 LaSalle -7.5 (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

737 Northeastern -4 (-110) - 2.2 to win 2

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Like usual, off to a bad start during non-conference schedule. I have no idea how a team can look as bad as LaSalle did today against a very bad Drexel team. Somewhat flukish stat of Drexel shooting 90% from the FT line and Tavon Allen being red hot from the field, but in no ways did LaSalle deserve to win this game.

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