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The Poverty Meal Thread [Pictures & Videos]

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Homemade shrimp po boy with Sriracha mayo and cucumber salad.  

Coming soon: corn and pork sausage Brown one pound of bulk sausage, drain, your choice of how hot but Jimmy Dean hot is good. Mix with one drained can of kernel corn Mix in one can cream style corn

New recipe, so it was first time making it. Chicken breast cooked in white wine and butter sauce and topped with caramelized shallots and radishes. Roasted  and peppered squash and zucchini for the si

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10 minutes ago, sweeper said:

That's a fair assesment..i'll take the slam like a man and move on.  Lame duck closer i am.  Fair.  

Don’t be so easy on yourself, you suck right from the start. Tossing that horses ass in that crockpot without braising it is about as retarded as it gets.


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