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The Poverty Meal Thread [Pictures & Videos]

Miley Cyrus

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41 minutes ago, KingKolzig said:

oh i get it they repackaged it

Right next to it was the non spoiled stuff, that's what they were going for. $4.99 is normally out of my price range but with inflation my old price points need to be adjusted.

Got a haircut last week - great clips now charges $20, so my usual $3 tip is now substandard IMO, I upped it to 4 large. I take care of my gals. :cigar

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2 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:

Lmfao!!! Wouldn’t eat that garbage for free 



Close call for me.

But his taco diarrhea pie lunch, looked better than that garbage.

Then they shoved what looks like a couple week old, processed piece of bacon in his drink.

I bet the MIDGE ate it.

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Hooters has easily the most disgusting food and wings that I've ever eaten at a chain restaurant.  I would hope to never eat there ever again.  Last time I went a buddy trick lied me on where we were going.  I was pissed once we pulled up as I knew the utter shit food I was about to get, and waitresses that are not at all what they're advertised to be.

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17 minutes ago, Brock Landers said:

The lunch was delicious, BTW

It looks ok for bar food, but the places I go have 1/2 prices apps during happy hour so those wings would be $5, doesn't include fries but who really wants that many fries.

Jesus, spending $35 for a lunch like that is crazy. Of course he thinks being served ramen noodles and calling it Pho makes it worth $20. :deemer

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2 hours ago, xyz said:

'Table For One' Booth Makes Us Want To Laugh And Cry At The Same Time ...



poverty solo trip to wichita


mush a bball game -330 favorite. leave the game with 10 minutes left mumbling about the refs


back to the motel to read wikipedia articles about the area then pass them off to sbr teens 

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