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The Poverty Meal Thread [Pictures & Videos]

Miley Cyrus

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27 minutes ago, HurryUpAndDrink said:

best to buy a topping at the grocery store (ham, mushrooms, salami, pepperoni)

and add it yourself

if i was in the same room with you right now i would pound you and hold your face down into this pizza making you eat all of it 

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2 hours ago, KingKolzig said:

taking a week off the diet. cashed in 15000 dominos point got this FREE and delivered FREE




That pizza looks fine for a birthday party for 7-8 year olds, dont most adults want a variety of toppings?

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Well, this is a new HUAD residence staple, a total success!

The spicy tzatziki sauce is off the charts: (I didn't have cucumbers or Greek yogurt, so I replaced with pickles and sour cream): then peppermint, parsley, 5 garlic cloves instead of the rec 2 (wife and I love garlic and onion), olive oil and lime.

I have the goal of cooking 2 new recipes every week no matter what. as I'm starting cooking school in Portugal at some point.

I'm gonna learn at least 1 recipe for each EU/American country, Asian cuisine up there too.

My restaurant is gonna have a sign that reads: If you are vegetarian, there might be a park with tall grass somewhere"




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