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The Poverty Meal Thread [Pictures & Videos]

Miley Cyrus

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16 minutes ago, mikeman said:

The shell on these fancy brown eggs was definitely thicker than normal, they tasted the same. They cost 99 cents/dozen, they had a sale on the reg ones and were out - these were a substitution.


6 minutes ago, FISHHEAD said:

BROWN slightly better than WHITE overall

No big deal either way, but if money not an option like me, buy BROWN

Rhode Island Reds for eggs men.

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16 hours ago, housepicks said:

You could go to a food pantry and wrestle them away from a family of 6

stop him. those are the rules. much much worse things happening right in his area for sure. heroin boy has dealt drugs to a handful of ppl that are dead now. directly involved. and hes still out free to suck others blood. 1000000000x worse

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2 hours ago, joeybagadonuts said:

saw this on Twitter 


Potted meat is very potent, they overdid the portions on those crackers, i would say half the amount they spread is about right. You cannot and would not ever eat it straight from the can, that would be disgusting and i doubt you could get past the first spoonful.

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