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Guest boatboatboat

TGF gives away aprox $2000 per WEEK via contest.


Not sure what else can really be expected.


Deposit at a few of the books and get envolved.


Lotta cash being thrown away

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the site has great potential.....its nice to not have all the b s bashing and stupid stories...but some sort of ncentive to post...maybe a member contest...i am sure others have more ideas this is just of the top..just throwing it out there


Obviously you have not ventured outside of the suggestion forum. :doh


Take a look around. There are more "member contests" at TGF than any other forum.




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Guest boatboatboat

I think what some posters desire is the ability to get something by not depositing.


As far as that goes there are some things like that.


1 contest right now for a total of $1000 cash=zero deposit required


1 contest right now run WEEKLY by Americas bookie that away $100 CASH=zero deposit required


1 Contest right now also by Americas bookie will give away a lap top, 10 ozs of silver and other prizes=ZERO deposit required.


1Vice also gives a TGF poster each mth a chance to win $500 CASH=no deposit required.


HRWager,BetOnline,1Vice,Betmania each run multiple contest each week that give away free plays =Zero deposit required (limited to one win if you are not active)


Not sure what else can reasonably be done for those who want something to post here and not have to deposit with a banner book.


If it will help PM me your home addy i'll send a Dominoes gift cert to you.

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