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BitPay reveals new U.S.-wide bitcoin debit card service

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BitPay revealed a new bitcoin debit card that is available in all 50 U.S. states.


Issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, the debit card allows clients to load bitcoin, make payments at Visa POS systems and take out cash through Visa ATMs, reported CoinDesk, which is running the two-day Consensus conference.


According to BitPay’s website, users can load dollars onto their BitPay card using any bitcoin wallet and spend their funds within seconds. They can shop with the card online or in physical stores that accept Visa debit cards. Users can also monitor and add to their card balance through the mobile device.
According to the website, users can order a card for $9.95 using bitcoin as a payment method. Once the card arrives in the mail, after seven to 10 business days, the user must activate the card by calling the 1-800 number listed on a sticker on the front of the card. From there on the user can load up the card with bitcoin and spend the funds or withdraw cash from an ATM.
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For Canadians and Europeans:


Bitcoin exchange CEX.IO offers instant withdrawals to Visa, MasterCard




CEX.IO, a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced Thursday the launch of instant U.S. dollar, euro and Russian ruble withdrawals to payment cards.
In a press release sent to CoinReport, the exchange said it has enabled withdrawals of fiat funds to Visa and MasterCard. CEX.IO co-founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych said there are no other exchanges aside from CEX.IO that currently offer instant withdrawals of fiat funds to Visa and MasterCard at low commissions.
Withdrawal requests are processed automatically, and, in most cases, instantly. CEX.IO said individual cases made require some time, and the exchange is in talks with payment service providers to enable momentary processing for all clients.
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