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Need advice - Casino, Bonuses for real players


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People, help me to understand these things:

1) real players choose casino bonuses by what criteria? bonus codes ?

2) what is the most important information for players who read reviews about an online casino?


The thing is that I write reviews for my friends site related to gambling but I am not a gambler, I just analyze alternative articles and official sources...so, if you can share with me some helpful info I would be glad...


Speaking about my view, I try to point casino`s bonuses, deposit methods, currencies, general info about software, support... and I try to describe bonuses (W.R info, min deposit, restricted countries for the bonus, cashable or not cashable, bonus value). I want to do the best but I havent gambled a lot... my experience - stupid online slots gambling from time to time.

So, I am really interested to see your thoughts about your demands...


P.S. I cant find the thread about such things, so sorry if I wrote this rave in wrong place=))

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I appreciate it because I have written a lot of things about online casino bonuses by my own way...and I dont know how people will treat to my content...

P.S. casino bonuses that I described. I would be glad to see slashing comments with strict points about my content...

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I can tell you that when it comes to bonuses, what people are looking for always (casino or not) is: 


#1-as much free money as they can get

#2-a bonus that gives them a chance to come out ahead (less rollover)


When they read about a casino, the main thing they want to know is how difficult it is to withdraw and what kind of reputation it has.


So when you are writing about a casino bonus, you will want to look at how it compares to other bonuses mathematically and how much bonus money they are willing to pay. You will also want to review what general opinions are of a particular casino such as whether it has a history of reneging on bonuses or making them hard to get through or generally difficult to receive money once they have met rollover. If you write about these sorts of things objectively, you will find that your reviews will be highly regarded.


When you write about a particular casino, I would recommend that you seek opinions from people on sites such as this and have people give you their opinions of such a bonus. They will tell you all the strengths and weaknesses of any bonus and that will allow you to make some insightful points in your review.

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