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CAA bball plays

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2-6, -6.85

17-13, +4.15


Think this bad day can pretty much be summed up with me losing the 1H under by 1 with a buzzer beater.... Charleston missing the cover hurt also because if they didn't go 8+ minutes without scoring a point (many open shots missed), they cover easy.


W&M no match for the speed of UNCW and Hofstra looks like they are playing blacktop basketball and are not coached one bit.

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Satuday 1/14


563 Northeastern PK:   3 to win 3:  Can be perceived as a trap bet, but this is not the kind of team Towson wants to matchup against. NE is very efficient on offense and does well defending the interior in their zone. A bit worried because this is only NE's 2nd road trip so far in the CAA and their 1st road game against Drexel they should have lost. As long as Towson doesn't have an outlier game and hit their perimeter shots, I think NE wins.


595 Elon PK:  1.05 to win 1


Will post totals tomorrow

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1-5, -6.4

18-18, -2.25


Thursday 1/19 plays


724 UNCW -2:  2.2 to win 2 (Bet earlier in the day, but I would still take the -3 now. Although undefeated, Charleston has not looked great and has had a pretty easy CAA schedule so far. UNCW has looked like they are way ahead of the next batch of teams in Charleston and NE).


725 Hofstra -3:  2.2 to win 2 Will probably regret it with how Hofstra has lacked hustle in a lot of games, but they actually looked like they were playing with urgency against UNCW. If that same urgency carries over to Towson I think win by 7+


Will add totals tomorrow

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On a side note, last week might be one of the worst weeks in CAA bets I have ever had. Hopefully that is behind me.


Probably falling into my usual pattern of being about EV going into Februrary before I hit my stride

Good luck Tribe I'm sure you'll be on fire in no time.

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