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OT: I've been helping someone flip a house...


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Good luck with that, Kinger.  But, not all of us are lazy fcks.  That looks like too familiar a scene to me.

We're working on our second flip.  Got four rentals that were bought cheap and fixed up, then smartened up last year and decided to sell rather than rent, since the market is seller-friendly currently.

They guy we used as a handyman for the rentals does the work while I hand him his tools and perform the menial tasks.  I don't know how people make money at this if they have to hire people to do the work.  We split the profits - but there would be none if we had to pay any labor costs.  We have just managed to employ ourselves.

We also go slow - the first flip we did last year took eight months.  The one we're on now will be done in half that time, tho.


Believe me, I hear your pain.  I hate this stuff, too.  But, dammit, you just gotta do what needs to be done.

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