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IAG Zone of destiny (or Destiny zone) wins xxxx,xx. Congratulations Fecal T, Deemer,Teddy, Dingo and Smoke!

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25 minutes ago, Teddy kgb said:

Let me play and I’ll give him 10% of my winnings

4Deep Bets- Tommy G


13pt tease Saints -2, GB +4.5, Sea +7, Rams +7 (5u) MAX
10 pt tease Saints -5, GB +1.5, LV +7 (5u) MAX
7pt tease Saints -8.5, GB -1.5 (5u) MAX
7PT tease Rams pk, GB -1.5 (5u) MAX
Parlay: LV ML, KC, ML, Minn ML +302 (3 to win 9.06)
Parlay: Rams ML, KC ML, LV ML +252 (3 to win 7.56)
1PM Minn -175 (3u)
1PM LasV -180 (3u)
1PM Titans +3 (3u)
1PM Jags +280 (1u)
1PM Bengals +230 (1u)
4PM NO -13.5 -140 (3u)
4PM KC -180 (3u)
4PM rams -6 (3u)

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10 hours ago, Teddy kgb said:

White Knight

internet boyfriend #3 of 6

6 dicks.....none wet


Under 6 for MAX

Quit being a megalomaniac(your words not mine,) step back and ask yourself if DS is really the person in he wrong here, or if you need to believe that at all costs  to protect your  ego. image.jpeg

I really would like to see you in the zone, but I just can’t do it until you make things right.  

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How could I be in the wrong?  


Guy pushing this he told me he was gonna stiff narrative.  Will be a pain in the ass but I can literally posts our entire texts conversation.  

Gabe and a few others may not be happy but it will debunk his bullshit made up reason to stiff story. 


He did asks for casino to be turned off but always asked for it to be turned back on for him, his wife, his mom, etc.  

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