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9-9-17 Ucon +17 -110


With top LB's Diggs and Joseph upgraded to probable, I wanted to get this bet in before it goes below 17, Ucon will still be missing their best DE but only for the first half as he was ejected last game....


Ucon actually trailed at the half 20-7 to a team in Holy Cross that hadn't played an FBS school since 2002, thou two of the TD's were set up by Ucon fumbles, midway thru the 3rd Ucon changed QB's going back to last years starter and senior Shirreffs and they out' scored HC 20-0 in the 2nd half and Shirreffs has been named starter in this game.


Ucon has played tuff vs USF over the years and has not lost by this number in at least 10yrs (far as I went back) their biggest loss margin was last year losing at USF by 15 but the previous 9yrs no losses greater then 8pts and winning SU in 4 of the 10, thou they have lost 5 in a row in the series...


USF lost last years #1 WR and his 67 catches, closest to him had only 25, also lost their star RB but overall returning a good offensive that was 4th overall in scoring....


They're 2-0 SU but 0-2 ATS, beating 112th ranked SJ in a game they trailed 16-0 with SJ on their 33 being stopped on a 4th down try, they also beat a non FBS team in Stoney Brook and also trailed in that one 7-0.......all those early deficets had to do will thei punter who if he's not getting his punts blocked then he's kicking backwards.....dudes off to a terrible start...


Scoring 42 and 31 did stretch their 30+ point streak to 19 straight


Possibility these kids from Florida will have their mind not 100% focused as the game is scheduled at the same time a hurricane will be ripping thru most of USF's players hometown, think that might get brought up on the bus ride over?



Bad special teams

Falling behind early

Not covering this # for 10yrs

On the road


Add a little salt and pepper and that's a recipie for disaster......I'm on Huskies +17

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9-9-17 Navy -10 -110


Navy only returned 4 starters on offense but bfd everyone on the team knows what they do.....shove a wishbone up somebody's ass.....they're horrible against the pass but Tulane can't pass so advantage Navy...


Navy 1-0 both SU and ATS after curb stomping FAU 42-19..... FAU had a 95yd pass and a 54yd FG and I always toss shit like that out because it's not something that is expected to happen....so the 19pts in my head are now 10...... Held FAU to 40yds rushing and remove the 95yrd and it's only 191 passing from a passing team, unlike Tulane


Tulane was the Least most efficient passing team last year and lost 2 of their top 3 RB's and their O-line sucks......they do have a good defense but nobody shuts down Navy's wishbone, they choke on it...... Struggled in the 2nd half only winning 19-14


Down year for Navy but Tulane is a cream puff......I'm laying the 10

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Spread went from -13 to -8 and the steam was right and I was wrong......Navy wins by 2


0-1 -1.10 YTD

Aac is by far away the most fun conference in the nation. I don't like you and you don't like me but it gives me great pleasure to see anyone discussing it or trying to beat it.

Don't back Uconn until they figure out what Shirreffs is doing. That old hag Edsall has gone back and forth 3x on the starter in 1 actual game planned.

I love Tulsa and Montgomery. Among my favorite teams in the nation.

If you still have my email you can write me and I'll tell you to go diagf and you can make fun of me in whatever cruel way you choose and I'll give you winner here and there.


Don't bet against Fritz and fade Montgomery and Applewhite neither are competent. They're like you in a intellectual battle with CK. The only winner are those laughing at the two of you.

Smu is over only against in conference teams that can run (almost every body except Tulane play too slow, navy can just stop running to snap the ball, uconn might not be able to score and temple see uconn) the ball. Memphis and usf are fucking awesome if you like good qbs! Ucf I'm not sold on them so they crushed FIU week 1 and everybody is like they're back (like you and the bath house crowd) but then FIU almost loses to 318th ranked FCs for.

What do you think this hurricane will do to these teams? What effect, slow and miserable is my guess. 1st half unders maybe?

Regardless hope you're miserable as ever and all kinds of fucked in the head as always. Plumber Republican is hilarious btw. Your shict never gets old.

In all seriousness goodluck in a great conference and Papn podcast always has great aac talk. Oh and fuck you pal:)

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