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Week 13 NFL Rankings And Playoff Picture

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                                          2017 NFL Rankings After Week 13




1. Patriots (10-2) -Showdown is coming in week 15 at Pitt with home field likely at stake

2. Steelers (10-2) - Tough two game stretch looming Ravens and Patriots

3. Vikings (10-2) - Four games left and only one vs winning team next week vs Panthers

4. Eagles (10-2) - Still have Rams,Raiders and Cowboys left to play.

5. Rams (9-3) - Rough three game stretch coming vs. Eagles,Seahawks,Titans,

6. Saints (9-3) - Have to play Falcons twice in last four games

7. Seahawks (8-4) - Next two games critical but tough vs Jags and Rams

8.  Titans (8-4) -Last game could be for division and Titans will be home

9. Jaguars (8-4) - Still have two tough ones Seattle and Tennessee

10. Panthers (8-4) -Vikings,Packers and Falcons stand in way of postseason berth

11. Falcons (7-5) -They have Saints twice and Panthers looks like postseason hopes are dim.

12. Ravens (7-5) -Conference makes all difference while 7-5 Falcons hopes dim,7-5 Ravens aren't

13. Chargers (6-6) -Once 0-4 can they end up winning the west?

14. Raiders (6-6) -Last three of four on road vs Chiefs,Eagles and Chargers

15. Bills (6-6) - Will Buffalo make the postseason for first time since '99? 

16. Cowboys (6-6) -Last three of four on road Raiders,Seahawks,Eagles last three games.

17. Lions (6-6) -6-6 is good enough in AFC its not in NFC as Detroit only has 15% of making playoffs.

18. Packers (6-6) -Packers only have 7% chance of making playoffs.

19. Chiefs (6-6) - If they don't implode K.C. has 60% chance of making playoffs.

20. Cardinals (5-7) -If they win last four games they'll achieve winning season.

21. Jets (5-7) - Face tough end to season playing Saints,Patriots,Chargers.

22. Redskins (5-7) - Washington has a 1% chance of making playoffs.

23. Bengals (5-7) -Last nights loss vs Pittsburgh killed any playoff hopes Cincy may have had.

24. Dolphins (5-7) -Miami has a 3% chance of making the playoffs.

25. Buccaneers (4-8) -Will Jameis Winston ever lead the Bucs to the postseason.

26. Texans (4-8) -Injuries derailed a once promising season.

27. 49ers (2-10) -The Niners have found their franchise QB in Jimmy Garoppolo.

28. Bears (3-9) -Will John Fox be the Bears Head Coach in 2018?

29. Colts (3-9) -Will Andrew Luck ever play for Indy again?

30. Broncos (3-9) -Denver have fallen far now that they don't have a HOF QB taking snaps.

31. Giants (2-10) -The Giants are having their worst year since 2003 which netted them QB Eli                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  32. Browns (0-12)- Recently set a record with 26 straight losses on Sunday and have also lost 40 of their last 44 games. Had chance to draft Watson,Goff,Wentz and Prescott passing on all 4 and they went on to become franchise caliber QB's for Houston,L.A. Rams,Philly and Dallas.




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Whats truly ironic is how much stronger than NFC is over the AFC


For instance....Percentage chance pf making postseason



NFC Falcons (7-5)       33%

AFC Ravens (7-5)        83%

AFC Chiefs (6-6)          60%

AFC Chargers (6-6)     25%

AFC Raiders (6-6)       20%

AFC Bills (6-6)             16%

NFC Cowboys (6-6)     5%

NFC Lions (6-6)          15%

NFC Packers (6-6)        7%



When its all said and done only 2 teams will make it from the list above most likely Ravens and Chiefs. Unless Chiefs implode then it'd be Ravens and Chargers.




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Whats crazy is not only Cleveland looking awful with their losing 40 out of their last 44 games but it was really looking like Buffalo might finally get it in this year but most likely they won't and will miss the playoffs for the 19th straight year longer than even Cleveland who made it in 2002. Although i have loved McDermott a long time and would give my left nut for him to be Tennessee's coach he really fucked up big time yanking Tyrod in their game vs Chargers especially if at the end of the year the Chargers defy the odds 25% shot at postseason because it will be that game that will haunt Bills because if they'd won then Buffalo would be 7-5.




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Games with playoff implications.......


Eagles 10-2 at Rams 9-3

Ravens 7-5 at Steelers 10-2

Saints 9-3 at Falcons 7-5

Vikings 10-2 at Panthers 8-4

Seahawks 8-4 at Jaguars 8-4

Titans 8-4 at Cardinals 5-7

Redskins 5-7 at Chargers 6-6

Raiders 6-6 at Chiefs 6-6



If any of the teams lose Raiders,Chargers,Chiefs,Falcons they are out of the postseason race.


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