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Message to Brick from PR

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Please pass this message to Brick



"Paying you the $220 has been on my mind out of goodwill and not because I actually have to or I stole from you. Been a constant thought since we agreed before new years. You mentioning that shit to my employer tonight, xmas eve seals the deal for me. Granted Im done with TGF... but seems you could reach to me BEFORE making idiotic comments like that to someone I depend on to a certain level, which I find malicious and retarded... Rito and Joey both have my email, and I can be reached anytime and would never feel offended by you writing me a fuckin 1 min 4 word email instead of throwing stupid shit innuendos... im also easily found at sbr or therx... maybe you are drunk and just being an idiot but either way cmon, you are a grown man and you dont mess or even dribble to mess with another man's bread, paying you just dropped like 20 steps on my priority list, it was 2nd or 3rd before reading that".

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Pr your employer offered to pay me the money for you and I declined. Said the only way I would accept it was if it came from you. Honestly can’t say it surprises me that I dropped to 20th on your list of people to pay, just shows that your morals and mentality are still the same. Just consider us even and buy yourself something nice for Christmas, you need it more than I do. Nothing I posted was new info to anyone that had been on this forum prior to when you left.

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