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{{Winners check in to be paid}}} TGF $1000 cash free to enter TREE HOUSE POT OF GOLD


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Clip art Flowers and plants Treehouse



The Tree house POT OF GOLD contest.


This Contest is open to all TGF posters.

The contest will feature 7 rungs. Each rung represents climbing the tree house ladder and closer to wining the POT OF GOLD  


Each round will have 10 Questions and a Tie Breaker. If after the Tie Breaker there remains a tie the first to enter wins.The winner will receive $100 . 


1 Entry per IP or Poster.


The person who wins the most rounds will win the POT OF GOLD in the tree house. $300.

comedy bang bang pot of gold GIF by IFC

If multiple people are tied for the most Rung wins, there will be a 1 day 10 question contest to establish the winner.


No idea when each rung will happen so you need to be watching this thread at all times.

To enter click on make pics link and enter your selections. 1 Sec late on a Google Doc is a DQ for that rung. 



The $1000 is being DONTATED to TGF by a mystery person. And TGF says THANK YOU!!!




All prizes will be paid at conclusion of contest

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You’re not reading the rules right Ted....see, there’s a make believe tree house that has ladder rungs,....actually I might not be reading it right because it sounds like a game you’d play in the 3rd grade...


Let’s be grown ups and call it a capping contest and forget about the tree house?



I watch this show on Hulu called "the path" where the wannabe leaders of this cult have to "climb the ladder" and each rung is a step towards becoming the leader.

So is there a set of contests or things we have to accomplish for this? 

bet 20 dollars on a game and post a screenshot is step 1

eat a big mac in 4 minutes is step 2

pick at least 2 out of 10 games correct on ML's from -500 to -1150 is step 3

post a picture of a car you own that cost more than a 8K kia is step 4

post something nice about boat so he feels wanted in this world is step 5


please feel free to use any of those ted.  can't wait for this to be finalized, but should be fun.  do we win moderatorship for 1 week if we climb all the rungs?  do we become the new leader around here?

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