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* DONE* 7-15 standings A1 PPH and TGF MLB 1st half contest------TGF has added $500 CASH to prize pool


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TGF MLB contest



Entry Fee $100


You have to commit to play by March 27th at Midnite Eastern in this thread. 

All Players in the contest will be sent a PM with info on how to log into their PPH account.


I will collect the Entry fees via Paypal or I special cases will make other arrangements at my discretion. (ill eat the fees on pay pal, ALL MUST be sent as a purchase)


All entry fees MUST MUST be paid to me by April 10th. if you are unable to do that don't bother playing.


The contest will have 100 plays between now and the all star break. Any plays over or under 100 is an auto $200 deduction from total win/loss


3 Places will be paid based on highest ending balance


1st 60% of pot

2nd 25% of pot

3rd 15% of pot


TGF is adding $500 to the contest as a BONUS.



Plays will be submitted via a PPH.

You will all be sent login info to your individual account.


All plays will be for $100 on the MONEY LINE or Totals. Full game only NO RUN LINE.


Here are some examples


Reds at -150 ML would be $150 to win $100

Reds at +150 would be $100 to win $150

Reds vs Cards Over 5.5 would be $110 to win $100


You MAY wager a Total and a ML on the same game.

You may NOT bet both sides of the same ML or total.


All games will be set as listed pitcher, so if there is a scratch the game wont count towards your 100. Keep this in mind as we get to end of contest, if you put in a play at the end to get to 100 and there is a pitching change, sorry about your luck if you end up with 99 plays. You WILL be subjected to the $200 reduction in account balance.


Any game that is a Rain out or isn't completed will NOT count as a play. Please see rule above for how that will be handled as it's the same.


Updates will be given 1 time per week on standings, but NOT on # of plays made. YOU NEED to track that. Its REAL easy write them down. Add them up. Takes 30 sec a day. 


Not fair to someone who has made 100 plays and is +$2400 to have a competitor  who is at 95 plays and +1890  know they MUST play Dogs to beat the other person. So # of plays wont be posted. Near end of contest I will PM everyone where they stand in regards to Number of plays.

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