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Hi, my names Charlie. I’m a self acclaimed professional football tipster with over 89,000 followers on twitter and over 5 years experience when it comes to gambling. Ever since I started on twitter my main aim was to promote sensible, fun and profitable gambling and after years of dedication I’ve managed to build a massive profile for my self helping people make money through football tips.


Why should you check me out?


With daily profit/loss spread sheets, monthly reports and plenty of interactivity you’ll always know how we’re doing, you may even learn a thing or two with my detailed FH goal list, or watchlists.

I also offer pre-match selections and accumulators when I feel I’ve found a few selections I feel confident on. I’m actively researching fixtures daily, and over the years I’ve developed a deep knowledge about league’s from all over the world so not only will you have your popular European leagues but also Nordic and South American and many many others. I aim for quality bets over quantity as I feel this is the best way to maintain form and achieve a nice profit and in the past has led me on some unstoppable form of 20+ winners in a row!


The most important thing to me is my followers, I try to engage and communicate with people who follow and at times I even do a ‘Followers bet’ were we vote on a bet together based of the research I supply, I also do ‘Duel Challenges’ with other successful tipsters to try not only make people money but to provide entertainment and enjoyment. I also provide responsible gambling advice, along for a staking play on my website.


If you’re not familiar with bet tipsters, or you’ve never used Twitter I urge you to come try me for a week and I can almost guarantee sticking to my staking plan and following daily that you’ll make money and after all its free!


Twitter – @TipsterCharlie


Please find below, my evening first half goal selections. Example - 13/14 is how many games a team has seen a fh goal, 92.86% the % of it happening previously.


Jippo v PEPO

Finland Kakkonen - 4:30pm 


Jippo - 13/14 - 92.86%

PEPO - 10/14 - 71.43%


GBK v Tampere

Finland Kokkonen - 4:30pm


GBK -12/14 - 85.71%

Tampere - 9/14 - 64.29%


KuPS v PS Kemi

Finland Veikkausliiga - 4:30pm


KuPS - 17/22 - 77.27%

Kemi - 16/21 - 76.19%


JK Welco Elekter v Maardu

Estonia Esiliiga - 5:00pm


Welco 14/16 - 87.50%

Maardu - 12/16 - 75%


Sarpsborg v Lillestrom

Norway Tippeliggen - 5:00pm


Sarpsborg - 15/17 - 88.24%

Lillestrom - 14/17 - 82.35%


Asane v Viking FK

Norway Division 1 - 5:00pm


Asane - 15/18 - 83.33%

Viking FK - 15/18 - 83.33%


Floro v Aalesund

Norway Division 1


Floro - 15/18 - 83.33%

Aalesund - 12/17 - 70.59%


O’Higgins v Antofagasta

Chile Primera - 7:00pm


O’Higgins 16/18 - 89.47%

Antofagasta 13/18 - 72.22%


Academia Cantolao v Real Garcilaso

Peru Primera - 7:30pm


Academia - 10/11 - 90.91%

Real Garcilaso - 7/11 - 64.44%


San Jose v De Sucre

Bolivia Clasura - 10:15pm


San Jose - 5/5 - 100%

Sucre - 3/5 - 60%


The Strongest v Oriente Petrolero

Bolivia Clasura - 10:15pm


The Strongest - 5/5 - 100%

Petrolero - 4/5 - 80%





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