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Tampa Bay Downs Winter 2018/Spring 2019


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Fri 1/4/19


Hopefully the New Year stops the slide:


Race 1

$20 win #4 Well Composed 4-1

$1P3 4/ALL/4,5

Was on this one last out, and horse totally blew the break. That was second off the layoff, so should be sharp today off what was a public workout.


Race 6

$20 win #1 Captured Beauty 8-1

Three strong suits here for Arboritanza. Second start of meet, stretchout, and drop in class. Was too ambitiously placed first time out in a Stake. Tough way to start a career.


Race 8

$20 win #8 Royalty for Life 10-1

$2 Ex 8/ALL

$2 DD 8/9

A couple of strong angles here for Raymond. Second off a layoff, stepping up in class. The class move is interesting as it ran in a claimer off the layoff, and now with a race under its belt it is no longer available for the claim. Seems well meant.



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u wager Jai alai?  based on what stats?  or knowledge?  value?    


horses a blast here at TGF

Been a jai alai fan since 1974 when it came to Hartford, CT. I have my favorite players and bet them in combination with post position trifecta frequency. Jai alai is the only thing I have consistently made money at over the years. Unfortunately it is a dead sport in the USA. Dania Jai alai in Florida is the only place I bet now. I  know the roster and they are great players. Their is no money in the pools so most people scoff and move on. I am a broke dick so it is still good for me! Frontcourter Erik is the big star down there. I bet frontcourter Diego most of the time. I hit the triple in the 11th last night. Real shitty payoff at $155.00 but it will pay for the horses today. 

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Sat 1/5/19


Crossed the -$1000 threshold yesterday. A little alarming in such a short time. Gotta start cutting into it soon...


Race 4

$20 win #3 Mulled Line 6/1

$2 DD 3/3,5,10

$1 P3 3/3,5,10/10


First time over the course went like all Gonzalez’ starters so far; in contention but no move when it counted. Hopefully second time over is the way to go.


Race 5

$20 win #5 Union Ranks 15-1

$2 exbx 5/3,10

$2 DD 3,5,10/10

Sinkiewicz excels in dirt routes here, but has two entered. Gonna go with the longer one and hope for the best.


Race 6

$20 win #10 Perp 8-1

Was it’s first start of meet the real deal, or was last out a true indicator? Who knows but at this price it’s worth a bet to find out.


Race 10

$20 win #3 Legalize It 30-1

$1 exbx 3/ALL


Wetherington’s main angle is off the long layoff. This one doesn’t fit, but she starts so few horses and has such a sick ROI that I feel it’s worth a risk.


Good luck to anyone playing anything today.


4-45, -$1001

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Sun 1/6/19


Ochoa starting to bring back his “second over the coursers” so hopefully that’s the trick. He’s been a disappointment since I started following Tampa last year.


Race 3

$20 win #3 My Computer 6-1

$2 Ex 3/ALL


Did the old speed fade last out here, in a dirt route at a huge price. Big cutback in distance to 7F and picks up the better Camacho. Hopefully comes out winging.


Race 10

$20 win #2 Hechicera 12-1

$2 Ex 2/ALL


Horse didn’t run bad first time over the course, after being way wife all the way around. It seems like horse either breaks bad or gets a terrible trip or both. Hopefully Ochoa works those gate problems out at a big price. No named jock helps the payout.


4-49, -$1126

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