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I've been contacted by ESPN...


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Paraphrasing part of the convo:




Q:  What can you bring to ESPN Boxing programming?


KR:  No one knows this sport more than I do- no one!  I would bet everything I have on that statement.  You're adding boxing IQ to your programming.  I would take you to the top.  There's many ideas I have in my head that would freshen up the programming at ESPN.  I can bring in viewers.


Q:  You mention betting... do you gamble?

KR:  No.


Q:  Do you know Floyd?  


KR:  Yeah.


Q:  ********* told us about you.  He said you knew everything boxing.  We want to add that knowledge to our department.  We're not sure of the role yet, but we have a feeling you would be helpful to us in our boxing wing.  Can you tell me your strengths and weaknesses?


KR:  Yes.  I'm an analytical thinker who pays great attention to detail.  I'm a team worker and would fit right in.  I don't have weaknesses except I bought a piece of gym equipment and haven't used it as much as I've wanted to.



--I caught him off guard with that last bit.  He was laughing.  They said they'd keep in touch.  It went well, though.

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