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TGF Bet Of The Day 1/9

Sharp Square

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GiJoe 3-0 +3.90

Zzmocash 6-2 +3.73
RDTrains 3-1 +1.90
Wade 2-1 +1.09
Professor 1-1 -0.48
Xyz 2-4 -0.65
Trytry 0-1 -1.05
Mikerman 0-1 -1.10
Shooterman 0-1 -1.10
MonitorTan 1-2 -1.20
Moldy 1-2 -1.20
Fishhead 2-3 -1.59
SharpSq 1-3-1 -2.20
JTGamble 3-5 -2.50
Yisman 2-3-1 -2.63
Jasson621 1-4 -3.80
All contest plays must be favorites of (-150) or less and max underdogs of (+300) or less to be eligible for the end of month prize (when a prize is available) and a minimum of 25 plays are needed! The player with most units won end of the month and the minimum amount of plays will be the winner! In the case of a tie, the player with most games won will be declared the winner. Lines from the following sports are accepted (no exceptions)...
*College Football
*College Basketball
Types of plays accepted: Full and Half game wagers including (Sides/Totals/Team Totals/Runlines/Puck lines/Moneyline). No Alternate Lines.
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