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Sirius Radio

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18 minutes ago, rjt said:

Sirius is a decent service for around 100 bucks.  Think that's what I paid last year.  300 bucks is insane.  I only use it in the car

I pay $10 a month for spotify

should not be more than 120 a year

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4 minutes ago, Professor said:

That’s crazy mike. Cancel that shit asap!

No kidding.  In the words of Red. “Fold that shit!”

I did the same thing and not driving much these days, Got introductory deal  but later was paying something like you because I kept forgetting or being too lazy to cancel. They tried to give me a really good deal again when I finally called,  but I didn’t take it because I figured it would be same scenario.  

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On 1/24/2019 at 9:04 AM, Teddy kgb said:

I just bought a car two weeks ago and they offered Sirius for 3 months for free with an auto shut off unless I decided to keep it...I still passed, there’s just nothing g there

Just bought a car?



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