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TGF Master Covid Thread

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30 minutes ago, mikeman said:

How are you doing, getting better yet?

Quite a bit better, but still runny nose and one ear clogged.   They gave me another antibiotic to try for that today.  Also got that stuff Kolzig mentioned in the mail today so taking that.   The girl Bf worked with last night tested positive this morning…she had had before.  REALLY hope this shit doesn’t make it back to me again for third round, although still never had Covid to my knowledge.      I think because before moving here I didn’t go out much, I probably didn’t get immunity to some of the cold viruses out there. 

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4 hours ago, mikeman said:

Now even the boosted get infected far more than the unvaxxed. Quite the vaccine huh?



For a good while now i have noticed how all these folks who got vaccinated seem to be the ones getting the virus.

I kept thinking to myself surely this can't be right but i kept noticing again and again BUT i have certain people here who are hounding me nonstop about getting vaxxed and my gut instinct is NOPE.


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Vaccine Passes to be Abolished in Ireland

16 hr ago


Ireland’s emergency health advisory committee, NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team), has finally smelt the coffee, after two years of disproportionate, dangerous, and scientifically shallow policy recommendations. NPHET last night finally recommended the removal of almost all Covid restrictions and regulations, including a return to normal opening hours for hospitality and the end of the use of the vaccination pass for pubs and restaurants. However, mask mandates will remain in place, at least for the time being.

This decision was probably influenced by the overwhelming evidence that fighting Covid with non-pharmaceutical interventions is now a fool’s errand. Some factors that render NPIs patently absurd against Omicron (they were always scientifically unsupported, but now they are patently absurd):

  • The mounting evidence that Omicron will quickly spread to the whole population irrespective of government measures

  • evidence that Omicron infections have already peaked in Ireland, as they have in the UK

  • hospital data showing Omicron infections have proved far less virulent than previous variants of Covid

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36 minutes ago, milwaukee mike said:

vaccine passes getting abolished is the best news in my lifetime, now let's do that all across the "land of the free and the home of the brave"

last 2 years it has been land of the tyrants and home of the cowards

It won't happen until democrats are voted out. They will never admit they are wrong about anything. They are so delusional on every issue that Biden thinks he not only is doing a great job that he is exceeding expectations. When the Supreme Court slapped down their vaccine mandate they told businesses to go ahead and do it on their own. They are building a text kit factory that won't be completed until 2024, created a website to send out test kits to every American, are sending out 1 billion N95 masks. Democrats want Covid to last forever.

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it's not just democrats sleepy

remember the nonsense about taking your shoes off at the airport?  all based on the shoe-bomber hoax... or the nonsense about not having more than 2 oz of liquid?  again based on a hoax... or only carrying a tiny clear bag into stadiums?

those dumbass rules are still in place 20 years later, even thought there has never been a threat of anything

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