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Little update on the stocks that I've posted the past 10 days and my price targets. 

CYCC 9.10 ----- PT 15.00 (Currently 9.25, just posted today)

ITRM 1.67 ----- PT 5.00 (Currently 2.30; up 38%)

SINO 7.25 ----- PT 15.00 (Currently 9.05, up 25%)

ZYNE 4.40 ----- PT 9.00 (Currently 6.05, up 38%)

SNDL .835 ----- PT 2.00 (Currently 1.54, up 84%)

KERN 6.08 ----- PT 10.00 (Currently 9.22, up 52%)

CRTD 4.40 ----- took gains on this one this morning at 5.80; profit of about 32%

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17 minutes ago, D-Hustle said:

AMC is in the shitter.  $5.41

that stock might actually be worth that as Milly Mike says that they have enough cash on hand to last a long time when they sold those shares

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On 1/29/2021 at 10:17 AM, brokerstip said:

also grabbed some SNDL at .835. Can't have another offering until March. Goal is $10+ KERN and $1+ SNDL

up over 100% on this one; still haven't sold a share as I'm waiting for $2 to sell half and the rest at $3+

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1 hour ago, ERBtheGREAT said:

Fldm earnings tomorrow.  Got 2k shares at 6.40 hoping they crush tomorrow

lots of people taking profits on PENN, if they eventually buy 100% of barstool will barstool earnings be combined with PENN?  Barstool has to be making good money

Heard Penn CEO say last week that in 2 years they will own 50% of Barstool and then they have options to buy bigger stake 

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