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Master stock pick thread

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haven't been in here much as not much is happening in my accounts. Slowly bleeding away on a couple of them but know what my risk/reward is for most of them. I haven't added anything other than to TRCH when it was in the low 2s the other day. I know they are going to big ups/downs when you plan on holding for a month.

Hope everyone else in here has been having a good week

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Just now, WeinkeToWarrick said:

Worst week since I opened the Ameritrade account to be a degen 18 months ago 

same here Weinke.  Keep the faith.  There is always money to be made.

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2 minutes ago, ERBtheGREAT said:

damn my worst day ever, mainly because of PENN lol

if your worst day is because of a stock only down 8%, you are doing OK. My 3 biggest holdings in my accounts: Down 15%, down 9%, down 8%. 

I need this week to get over for my investments and also my sports betting

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