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Gulfstream Thursday 5/13

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Until guys get signed up and start posting here. 


I'll prob be taking to myself for a while, but I think we can make some money tomorrow


Check the Weather, chance of rain 


Race 1


I can’t get behind any in this field, the likely winners will be way to short for me. 


Race 2


Im all about this Khozan filly, #7 Go Jo Jo Go (2/1) , Been riding these for a while now, and is drawn in perfectly. Wire Job to kick off the Early Pick 4.


Race 3


#1 Our Time (10/1) , Broke maiden on debut when catching a flyer from the rail beating Shivaree who is currently in the derby points wise. Hasn’t done much running at all since vs much tougher, but was ok on the grass try before going to the bench. Should be cranked up off another layoff, while dropping in for the tag. But there is plenty of speed in this field, and Saez should be able take advantage of this outside draw and use the #10 Bahamian Prince (2/1) , tactical speed to work out the trip. The #7 Sea Lover (4/1) , is 2 for 2, and comes out of one those big optional claiming tag priced races, with small purses, that Tampa runs. So not encouraging they are ready to let this one go already off those performances for 25k , but that does turn them a nice profit if you throw in the purse money of a 8500 sire fee, but I’m skeptical. The #9 Gran Hombre (6/1) , has been overlooked in the last and a running style that fits here. Would def be trying to beat Irad on the #6 Flash Pass (3/1) , and this gelding will be shorter than this and I couldn’t back even with the first time irad factor being real. 


I think it sets up nicely for the 10 Bahamian Prince , but would like to give the 1 Our time another chance as well.


Race 4


#3 U S S Colton (6/1) , Is quite hidden in this field. The debut race was a good field and this Ralph Nicks Gelding , lost all chance at the start but took some money at least at 11/1. If can draw a line through the last race, assuming didn’t take to the Lawn. Then you Speightstown runner that might of found his friends. The works ok enough for prep. Debuting Pilot returns. Delgado has some gaudy numbers 1st off the claim, and saddles the #6 Captain Duke (5/2) , who was speed and fade on debut. The works since have been very good, Irad Takes over. #7 Sudden Capture (3/1) Debuted on the grass, in a EteIndien field, but they thought highly of this one paying 65k and now selling for 16k off the bench, big negative. The Clear horse to beat is the #8 Tigers Back (2/1) , Gets back on the dirt and shortens up, and Saez takes over. 370k purchase can be all yours for 16k here. 


I’d toss 7 because of those negatives, and take a stand against Irad again, Use the 3 and 8 on top


Back later  with the rest and some golden gate also 


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Race 5


I think Peter Walder, has this race covered. He’s got a pure speed horse with one of the best speed riders in the #2 Dizzy Gillespie (7/2) , Might get an easy lead and wire as they did the last time they teamed up. But if not, he also saddles the #5 Crea’s Bklyn Law (9/2) , This gelding always brings it, and gets in fresh. Has Tactical Speed and totes in some solid NY back class. Another Irad mount that will be over bet on #6 Be Gone Daddy (3/1) ,deep closer , in a race that looks like lone speed. Just a side note in this race, Im curious to see how the #1 Fifth Title (10/1) , does going back the dirt. These last 4 on the turf haven’t worked out, and he actually carries a better record on the dirt, but you have to go back a bit. One of my favorite Jockeys at the meet, gets aboard. Im not sure you can completely toss 


Im seeing several fade Irad beatable favorites so far , The only one I’d even use is the #6 Captain Duke in the last, but he can do some great things. Fading him at the right times is how you make money in Hallandale right now. 


Race 6


Lots to cover in this field. The #1 Longpants Required (12/1) , is going be overlooked in this field, but I think the last race off the layoff was a sign of improvement. Don’t be surprised if the #2 Magic Flute (15/1) , wakes up in the new barn of Jimmy Jerkens. Strong work tab, after tiring on the turf try. Note the Z pattern on the #3 Starship Mallomar (20/1) in this filly’s first turf attempt. I don’t question George Weaver, so he must like something putting this filly on the lawn. Not much on the turf side if you ask me. and he doesn’t fair well on grass in general. Big Purchase price, going for 600k on an 85k sire fee. The #5 Pechanga (15/1) , excellent turf breeding, gets a freshening off the long layoff try, Casse has been tightening her up in the am’s at his private track and then went over to the training track for the turf work. Hector rides. Pletcher’s #6 Noudha (12/1) , has been working well very well, and these American Pharoah’s have plenty success on the turf, not sure I ever seen Angel ride for him. Jorge Abreu does great work with Firsters and he brings the #8 My Sweet Wife (12/1) , with a respectable work tab. Casse’s other the #9 Tizlegal (20/1) , didn’t do much running on debut, but again working well for the return and that race came back strong, He keeps this filly protected here as well. #10 Fresco (2/1) , Put up a good number on debut for top flight connections, but Im not sold on that race coming back very strong, while she can’t be ingnored, no thanks at this price. Speaking of not ignoring, look at this #11 Thankful (7/2) , AP Firster who went for 625k has a big ask on debut here, note that Saez rides this Pletcher. Saffie’s Firster the #12 Pseudonym (6/1) , has been lighting up the clock in the mornings, and with a clean break and speed rider to the outside, could be live. 


This is very strong race, Can’t wait to watch this one, I think it makes the sequence almost unplayable. 


Im very curious to see the tote board 

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