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$500 bonus added ***Please see Picks thread---NFL SURVIVOR CONTEST 2020 (OFFICIAL RULES & SIGN IN)


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1. $250 ENTRY FEE 




3. 1 entry per person


4. Posters with credit history can pay directly to the winner after contest is over


5. Posters with limited credit history & new posters must post up to enter


6. You are allowed to use a team only ONCE for the entire season. Win & advance Lose & your out. Single elimination


7. Picks must be in 10 minutes before "1st" game Thursday through Sunday. If picking Mondays game it must be in 10 minutes before Sundays "1st" game


8. If you post 1 minute late you are eliminated from contest. You will be credited with a loss. Official time will be time of post. No exceptions


9. If your game is suspended or canceled for any reason. You will have to pick 2 games the following week


10. If season is suspended or canceled at anytime for any reason the contest is over. The prize money will be divided equally between remaining contestants


11. If at anytime during the season you don't submit your pick for the week. You are ELIMINATED from the contest & will be credited with a loss for that week.


12. If at anytime during the season there is a Tie in a given game. Both teams will be credited with a LOSS 


13. If at anytime during the season all remaining contestants lose on same week. The same contestants will advance to the following week.


14. Deadline to sign up for contest will be Sept. 10 @ 3 pm EST

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